Stitching with Kids… a few thoughts!

Happy Tuesday, Dear Friends.  We are in post-blizzard stage over at my end.  We are doing well besides being snowed in.  My life is already a moving target with working from home and being a Mom and wife.  With school being out, the moving target moved even more for me.  It’s crazy how during snow days, I have to cook and clean more… :)  That left limited time for anything else. :)


BUT… experiencing the blizzard made me realize there were so many out there that had to work and leave the comforts of their homes to keep things running and still somewhat normal for the rest of us.  A huge shout out to all the emergency and utility company personnels…. Seriously, my having to cook more was a trifle compared to what goes out beyond my little bubble.


Cooking and cleaning aside, we did pack in fun things like… popcorn, board games, snow-fun, reading, and… stitching.


I did manage to finish Miss Baby’s Angels ornament by Country Cottage Needleworks into a proper pillow ornament, in time to enter it in the Woodlawn Needlework Show this year!


Following are a few thoughts about stitching with kids:

  1. Kids at a young age have the advantage of time.  So, as soon as Miss Baby was ready, and before she was distracted by other more modern hobbies, I jumped totally in with getting her started her on needlework.
  2. The work continues for the parent after the initiation process.  At this time, Miss Baby still needs me to thread her needle, and cut off her thread tails when she stitches.  So, it is a labor of love, as well as patience!  I resign to the fact that when we stitch together, my stitches are far and few in between because of interruptions from Miss Baby accidentally stitching the tail in with her other stitches, having to un-stitch mistakes etc.  But all that is worth it… because it is also through sitting together and stitching, Miss Baby and I get to “chat”, and I get to find out her deepest thoughts!
  3. With everything else, hobbies have a certain built-in element of discipline.  With Miss Baby, I have had to “make her” put in a few stitches in her project to help her reach the finishing line.  When she finishes a piece, the work to get to the finishing line seems a very distant memory, and she is filled with the joy of accomplishing something from sticking to the project.  A valuable life lesson is learned.   [So far, she hasn’t gotten the idea of doing multiple projects at one time.  She doesn’t know the concept of UFO’s, and I intend to keep it that way as long as I can… hahaha… I just wonder how long that will be the case because her mother is the queen of UFO’s when it comes to stitching!  I certainly can’t lead by example in that regard. :)
  4. At this age, Miss Baby hasn’t really met another girl her age who also stitches.  So, I have actively shown her pictures of stitching projects that others do to keep her in the stitching community, albeit one that is not in her current and immediate realm of influence.

While supervising Miss Baby’s daily music practice, I managed to finish stitching a Little House Needleworks ornament, but I haven’t had time to totally finish it yet.


Before I sign off today, I am happy to announce the winner of my giveaway of Katherine Ann FQ bundle is: Sharon (#19).  I have emailed you, Sharon — please reply with your shipping address so that I can get RJR to send out the FQ bundle to you!  Congrats!!!

Alrightie, Dear Friends.  It’s another snow day here — I need to get going with my day so that I can keep the little person in my house happy!  I shall catch up with you later.  You have a most blessed day!!

11 thoughts on “Stitching with Kids… a few thoughts!

  1. I just finished watching the news and was thinking about you and your family. It is good to know that even if you are snowed in you are making the best of things and having a little fun. Years from now Miss Baby may look back and remember the snow storm and the time you had stitching together.

  2. I love that you taught her how to stitch! My grandmother taught me when I was 8 years old, and now (19 years later) I am so glad that it is a hobby that I continue to love!

  3. Oh my! you did have lots of snow!! So good to have lots of inside projects that can be accomplished. Hopefully, all will be back to “normal” sometime soon. Love that you and Miss Baby can sit and stitch together. Stay cozy.

  4. Baby is getting better and better.
    This is so great for her. I remember both of my girls loved cross stitching. Especially going shopping for more wonderful colors of floss!
    This snow is epic, but remember, we have global warming, so beeeee careful. :-)

  5. That sounds like wise advice. I remember the girls in the Little House on the Prairie books learning to do needlework as girls. Laura didn’t like it, but Mary did. :-)

    Thanks for introducing us to Little House Needleworks! I clicked over and they have some really cute designs. I wish they sold from their site. I’ll have to see if anyone around here carries them.

  6. I am very impressed with your daughter’s work. It looks like lifes lessons are being learned. Perhaps you coyld have a stitching party – group of little girls all stitching! Rope in a few Mums as well. I remember doing cross stitch calendars one year with 6 yr olds. Honestly, if I hadn’t had some very calm Mums helping, I might have committed murder. I lost count of the needles I threaded! Mind you, the Mums loved them when they were done!

  7. Wow….that is a lot of snow! I can imagine the ups and downs of being snowed in.

    I love seeing Miss Baby continuing on with her stitching. She will treasure the hours that the two of you have spent while stitching. As well, she will have so many lovely finishes to treasure.

  8. How wonderful that you are teaching your child to stitch. Such a bonding experience to enjoy while you can. The photos of the snow are beautiful and although it causes extra work it is a delight to look at.

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