Duty. Honor. Country.

Dear Friends, many have written to check on my little family.  Thanks so much.  We are officially snowed in, and are snug as bugs.  I just saw the following in the news…. made me proud, and made me pray… for the brave!

Despite the blizzard pounding the D.C. area, The Old Guard is continuing to stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.


I shall sign off for now — I am still working on those pattern instructions.  Good night, Dear Friends!


18 thoughts on “Duty. Honor. Country.

  1. Truly a heartwarming photo. Standing at attention for God and his country. May he and all other service people be blessed for the freedom they have given us. Safe tucked inside and be safe. 💕

  2. Amazing photo. I wonder if people would bring these soldiers hot cocoa if they could enjoy it! I’m honestly so proud of these men and woman who do this 24/7, even during terrible weather.

    Glad to know you are staying inside. Great weather to work on your pattern writing, quilting, as well as spend time with your family. Stay safe, keep warm.


  3. This picture is the America I believe in. This is the dedication TO each other, FOR each other, BY each other. The America that is all about Fine, Good, True, Noble, Committed, to the best and the finest in each other. The willingness to sacrifice our own personal comfort to Honor one another.

    What has happened to us that we are willing to be less, want more and offer little of our own effort? We have willingly become more selfish and in doing so, have become weaker, less honorable, forfeiting our power and consequence in the world. We put down each other like warring siblings. We whine and jockey for positions and privilege we have not earned. Where is our self-respect? When did we stop pulling for one another? When did we start dividing our strength describing ourselves as Asian Americans, Black Americans, Mexican Americans, one per centers, When did we declare war on each other — Women against men? Rich against Poor? Educated Elite against Working Class? Straight against Gay? When have we become so self-righteous, arrogant and judgmental? We have become ugly. I for one, want to return to the America that I remember ~ America The Beautiful.

  4. Thank you for this photo, Wendy. Our service men and women always go above and beyond.

    I was watching the news tonight and saw how much snow was coming to your area and had to write to see how you were coping. Stay safe

  5. That touching photo takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing it in your post, Wendy.

    We’ve been following the storm. Stay safe and warm.

  6. What a beautiful photo…..it’s so refreshing to see that you’re never afraid to show your patriotism. It seems as though it’s just not “PC” to do that these days. I still tear up when I hear the Star Spangled Banner….and I’m too old to change now! I pray daily that America will return to her roots and the principles she was founded upon. We have never been perfect — but I truly believe we were/are the “shining city on a hill”. Love and blessings…enjoy being snug as a bug!

  7. We didn’t get nearly as much snow as predicted, which I am happy about. :-) We got 4″ earlier in the week, so I wasn’t eager to add more. Those who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier are such an example of dedication and loyalty.

  8. As we are bombarded with tons of US “negativity”, it’s so wonderful to know that the freedom heartbeat continues!!!!!!
    And, please know, there are so many prayers being offered for everyone during this time!!! Hugs, dear Friend (and SSAB hehehe…………)

  9. I saw that on the news. Beautiful! My brother-in-law is buried at Arlington.
    Stay in and stay safe! Home is the best place of all to be!!!

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