An exciting heads up: Giveaway of my Aurifil Subtle Strings thread box!

I wouldn’t spill the beans here.  Click here to find out more how to win my Aurifil Subtle Strings thread box! :)



And of course, these threads were used to construct and quilt my Thread Journey quilt, shown below.


Something exciting is a’brewing with Thread Journey — the quilt is journeying with Aurifil‘s Alex Veronelli as he visits and lectures at different quilt shops.  There is something else going on with the quilt — check back on this blog often for the big reveal!  Meanwhile, do check out where and when Alex will be lecturing.  His lecture is well worth it!


That’s it for today, Dear Friends.  I am running a bit behind… so, I’ve got to fly for now.  I shall catch up with you later.  Stay warm if the temperature where you’re at is below 20.  I am such a winter wimp and am about to turn into an icicle here… :(


8 thoughts on “An exciting heads up: Giveaway of my Aurifil Subtle Strings thread box!

  1. I sure hope that your “Thread Journey” quilt makes a visit to middle TN. I’d love to see it up close and personal. “Your” threads are beauties. It was 22 when I got up this morning, does that count?

  2. Oh phooey, there is no way that I can take on any more projects at this time…so I can not enter to win this awesome giveaway. Your prize alone is amazing and I have always wanted to try Aurifil threads; but have never had the opportunity yet. So many FM quilters recommend 40 weight or 50 weight; I have just recently, like in the past couple of months, actually began learning. I had tried for several years before and never made much head way. It was very frustrating! As it turns out, the sewing machine that I was using was the entire problem all along. It, unbeknownst to me, is made with very cheap breakable plastic parts on the inside and the major stitch selections were not changing. So whenever I thought I was FMQ, it was just a pull the hair out in frustration at the tangled threads on the back side or the skipped stitches and so forth. Of course, everyone continued to tell me Practice, Practice, Practice. I finally just gave up. Skip ahead many years, my father gave me his Pfaff machine and I decided to try FMQ with his machine and see what happened. It was magic in a matter of moments. I am already just about finished with a twin sized quilt doing a meandering pattern. My stitches are not totally perfect, but there are no tangled messes and few skipped stitches. My hand and foot speed are matching rather well….it really is magnificent. So, yes, now I will begin to slowly purchase the better quality threads to quilt with.
    Sorry I got the gab going, I just wanted to explain a bit. But, I truly am sorry that I have to many projects going on right now because her growth animals are adorable and would be so fun to FMQ and my Niece is expecting the first baby! All of the sponsers are offering such great prizes it would just be a great quilt all the way around. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  3. Wendy….when you get a chance could you answer this? I cannot find your Aurifil Collection Subtle Strings anywhere…NO quiltshop near me carries it….Amazon does not have it…I did a search for it and no shop with 200 miles of me carries it….I found several collections on ebay but not your…. Can you point me in any direction? Thanks so much….the colors are wonderful…truly subtle….

  4. Your quilting is so beautiful on this piece, Wendy. The Aurifil threads are magnificent.

    We are freezing as we visit Chicago so I feel for you and your winter months.

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