Merry Christmas 2015 continued, kind of…

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a blessed Christmas celebration with your loved ones.


We three retreated for a getaway, just to enjoy a slightly slower pace of things!  We had handmade gift tags (courtesy of Miss Baby – she was the official gift tag girl this year!).

gift tag1

gift tag2

Our Christmas this year was a bit gingerbread man-nish.  We had one of the outfits with matching hairbow,


and artwork showing the nativity scene.  The artist requested that the viewers take note of the “cascading light rays” (her words, not mine!) brought upon by the angels singing praises to God.


We also had amazing weather.  I was in sleeveless dresses, and we weren’t in the tropics or Florida!



I am back to work.  I actually worked right up till Christmas Eve this year.  I managed to eek out a quilt top for a 2016 editorial feature.  Darlene of Sew Graceful Quilting (my quilting angel) is quilting the quilt as we speak…


… while I work on another editorial feature using these really colorful Basically Patrick fabrics from RJR Fabrics.


Despite having to work, we are continuing with our Christmas celebration… after all, it’s only the 4th day of Christmas! :)


So, have you put up your Christmas things yet?  Or are you waiting till after the New Year, or after the 12th day of Christmas?  You could probably guess when we put up our Christmas things at the Ivory Spring household, haha! Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week!

12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2015 continued, kind of…

  1. I really appreciate your posts. Thank you for always including the REASON we celebrate Christmas. I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I live in Phoenix and only a couple of miles from Patrick Lose’s studio. :-)

  2. Miss Baby’s dress is adorable.
    I love the nativity scene. She is really becoming quite an artist!
    My girls love to draw too, especially my youngest daughter.
    I love the fabric of this new quilt top.
    We still have our lights and decorations up, and I usually leave them on until Epiphany but I might clean up earlier…. or later.
    Happy New Year. It is coming

  3. It looks like a positively delightful Christmas for all of you. Have you finished all 12 days of Christmas cross stitch? I LOVE the Nativity picture.

    You know our Christmas things will still be up until Epiphany. ;-) Happy end of the year!

  4. “Cascading light rays”??? What a fantastic vocabulary she has….I love how her mind works! I’m so glad you found time for a little getaway. (The ornaments are so lovely..quilting-needlepoint-smocking!!! Is there ANYTHING you can’t do? lol) Happy New Year!

  5. So glad you had some time to get away for a bit! Miss Baby did a good job – and my, what a vocabulary! We tend to take down Christmas stuff whenever my husband and son are available to help – usually around New Year’s Day.

  6. I wait until the absolute last minute. I hate how bare everything looks. Our last Christmas guests go home tomorrow then New Year guests arrive day after. Aaaaargh! When am I supposed to get bedding washed? And how on earth do I dry it with all the rain that keeps coming our way. The floods are terrible. I am glad we live at the top of a hill!!

  7. I love lil’ G’s Nativity artwork! I think you should laminate it, or frame it to hang up. Our tree is up, but I hope to take it down before school starts Monday. Happy New Year to you and yours, and blessings from the Lord for His guidance for the future. hugs, pokey

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