Yes, FINALLY: THE MACHINE THAT COULD #2 – a preliminary review of Bernina 770QE

Hello Friends, please forgive me for neglecting you! :(  I had some work that came in last week that hadn’t been part of my scheduled workload.  I had to fit all that in with what already was going on in my schedule, plus extra Christmas related activities.  As it stands, I will be working right up till Christmas Eve.

We visited Arlington Cemetery over the weekend to see the wreaths 70,000 volunteers had placed at each headstone in the cemetery two weekends ago.  We missed the opportunity of helping out this year, but plan on going next year. It is one place that moves me with deep emotions whenever I go.  Yet, going there during Christmas time also made the Christmas sentiments real for me.



I had told you a couple of weeks ago that I am playing catch up – and will be for the rest of the year (and more than like first part of the new year!).  I had shared with you a few months ago a certain sewing machine made its entrance into my world of quilting – the Bernina B770QE machine… you may read more about the machine here.


Since I quilt and make quilts for a living, one main thing I look for in a machine is that I need it to be a reliable work-horse!  Because of what I do at this point in my life is quite limited to just quilting (even though I should dearly like to do many fancy things with the machine), so far, I have only used it for quilting!  So, this review is for the immediate applications I have used with the machine SO FAR…

#1.  Reliability and Durability — YES, so far it meets my “work-horse” requirement! It hasn’t given me any problem, just like my older Artista 640, and it just seems to keep working and keeping on working!

#2.  Larger bobbin — LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  Since I often do dense quilting on my quilts, not having to constantly worry if my bobbin is going to run out saves my sanity.


#3.  Smooth Stitching — LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  The stitching is really smooth due to the built-in hook system!  I definitely like how much smoother my stitching is, and that of course directly affects the stitch quality of my quilting stitches.

#4.  Automatic Lowering of Feet — URM, WELL… this part took some getting used to.  I could probably do without this feature because I still use my other two Artista 640’s.  So, it’s like having to re-adjust between the machines each time I switch machines.  But I think the problem is me, and not the machine.

#5.  Dual Feed — LOVE!  Now, I do love the dual feed feature that allows even feeding of fabrics that helps with precise piecing.

#6. Extra Throat/Harp Space – ABSOLUTELY LOVE!  This was the ONE reason that spawned the thought about upgrading from my existing machine.  So, if you quilt your own quilts, and not just piece, I would definitely consider the 770QE. With my Artista 640 machine, I am able to quilt 70″ x 70″ quilt very comfortably.  I have even quilted a couple of 90″ x 90″ quilt, although that became quite challenging trying to maneuver the quilt sandwich under the small throat space. I haven’t quilted a quilt that large with the 770QE yet, but I imagine the size wouldn’t be posing a challenge as much as it would with the Artista 640.

[The only recommendation I have for Bernina is to perhaps start developing a time saving feature where the machine sews and cooks meals at the same time!  I think that will really grow the quilting community!]

Now, each machine that I have own normally takes me about 6 months to bond with it.  So, I am still learning about, and bonding with my machine.  I will be sharing more as I learn more about my machine.

ALL THAT TO SAY – this is a solid machine! I like that it’s not this super fancy thing that has all the really nice features, but aren’t too applicable to me.  It does what I want it to do without any problems, and it is very user friendly.  I highly recommend you checking it out.  Bernina dealers always have great deals/offers during this time of year for their machines.  There are a few days left before the year ends — do make a trip to your local dealers and just see if you might like the machine as much as I do?  [Disclaimer:  I never, ever, recommend purchasing a machine based on anyone’s recommendation because it is such a big investment on your part.  Plus you will  be the one using the machine.  Make sure you sew on it first before you make your decision.  And ALWAYS ask questions!!!]

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope this preliminary review at least helps some of you in thinking in the direction if you have been wondering about the option of purchasing a 770QE for yourself!  Of course, I welcome your feedback if you have a 770QE yourself, or if you want to share about your experience visiting your local Bernina dealer this Christmas season.

HUGS to you all!

32 thoughts on “Yes, FINALLY: THE MACHINE THAT COULD #2 – a preliminary review of Bernina 770QE

  1. The stitches in your quilts are perfect. I have the 580 but have been dreaming of the 790 for the larger throat. Thanks for taking the time away from your busy schedule to post your review o your new 770QE. Merry Christmas!

  2. The wreaths are beautiful! My brother-in-law is buried there.
    Love your new machine! The larger throat space is wonderful! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. The wreathes are very beautiful. It sounds like your machine is very nice. I am still working on my PFAFF which is 40 years old. I have mastered quilting yet. I think that is going to have to be my new years resolution. I love your spirit you portray through your posts. Have a wonderful Christmas. Your little one must be seven years by now and will turn 8 years in 2016 — right, I believe she is the same age as my grandson. He will be away this Christmas, I will be lonesome without him. But my plans are simple. My kids do all the planning and preparations except for decorating my tree and I make each of them a Christmas gift. Again, Merry Christmas.

  4. Wendy so happy and reassuring to read your comments. I just purchased the 790 since I do like to also do a small amt of embroidery. Going from my Bernina 830 to the 790 was a big step since my 830 too has been a workhorse but felt the 790 would be closer to the needs of what I do and love especially free motion on my dsm – already love the hook system it has which is the same as the 770. Judy in Wisconsin

  5. Thanks for the honest review, Wendy. I love my Bernina so I am sure this one is a real gem too.

    I get a lump in my throat every time I see a picture of all of those wreaths. It is such a tribute to these brave soldiers.

  6. The wreaths are amazing on those headstones! Makes me want to visit D.C. close to Christmas…kind of. If anyone needs a good workhorse machine you do. Have a wonderful week leading up to Christmas! Such a wonderful gift to us in our world!

  7. great review. I agree, it would be wonderful if Bernina could come up with a sewing machine that could also help us cook dinner (or even clean), while we were sewing. LOL!

    I’ve had three Bernina machines and have loved them all. My 730E and 830E are so fun to sew and embroidery on. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with your 770QE.


  8. Living this close to Arlington, it is our duty really, to participate in this gathering activity with others that feel so indebted to these heros and wish them rest and peace, as we celebrate our Savior’s birth. They are safe now, but not forgotten. I have participated in this for so many years when they first started and Rex and I were living in Alexandria. Now my youngest daughter and her husband participate every year. It does bring you to tears of grief for broken hearts, but joy to honor them.
    Your machine looks marvelous. I am drooling. I would have to sell a car to have one like this.
    I am so proud of you, Wendy.

  9. The wreaths are all around the country. We left our home to arrive at Great Lakes National Veterans Cemetary in Holly, Mi in plenty of time to arrive for the wreath placement. We travel i75 and as we approached our exit we realized traffic was backed up both from the north and the south onto the interstate with people going to the Cemetary. Upon exiting the highway we needed to drive 3 miles. It took us one hour to go 1/4 mile! We determined we could not arrive in time to help and returned home. It was an overwhelming sight and we are determined to go the day before next year.
    Thanks for a great year of quilting, Wendy. You are not just a talented quilter, but a patriot as well. Hugs.

  10. Thanks for the photos of Arlington National Cemetary. I had no idea so many people took time out of their busy lives to pay tribute to our deceased veterans. What an antidote to the random violence of our world.
    So glad you are enjoying your New Bernina, Wendy. After almost four years, I am still learning my 830 LE. I do love it, and wish my job would go away so I could just quilt.

  11. Beautiful poignant photos of Arlington. I’m glad you like your 770. I’m from the UK and am a Bernina girl through and through, so am a little biased, hehe! I have just come back from a sewing workshop carried out in the Bernina factory in Switzerland and was amazed at the high level of workmanship shown in the factory. I have a 550QE and we used 790 machines for the sewing workshop. Given half a chance, I think I would have come back with a couple of new machines (just as well I couldn’t fit them in my luggage). If you ever get the chance to visit the factory, grab it with both hands, as others, much more experienced than me, said they learnt a lot from the trip. Enjoy getting to know your 770.

  12. I own both a 640 and 780 Bernina. I agree with you completely about how sturdy and solid they both are. On the 780, the auto foot lowering is something I like at times and dislike at times. It would be perfect if that could be turned off and on, but then we would lose the dual feed which is wonderful. I still sometimes reach for the pressure foot lever to lift it, LOL.
    Have fun with your machines.

  13. Thank you for the photos of Arlington and the wreaths. I have a friend who makes the trip every year from Delaware to assist. I wish when I had purchased my Janome 8900 that I knew more about Bernina’s. I love that the dual feed is built in. I used my dual feed (walking foot) a lot, and find it annoying to break out the screw driver and remove and install when I need to take it off & on. Our availability of dealers / machines in extremely limited, and it is easily a 75 mile drive to find a dealer for other brands than Janome. I like the 11″ harp on my machine and it seems to be a workhorse too. Enjoy learning and practicing and creating. Take some time with your family this Christmas to share their joy.

  14. It’s always such a treat when you make a new post….the photographs of Arlington brought tears….they evoke such a feeling of gratitude and sadness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Sheppard family! I pray 2016 will be filled with blessings, peace and prosperity for you and yours. I still worry you won’t take extra good care of yourself—I guess I’ll just have to trust that you will…lol. Hugs to Miss Baby!

  15. The wreath picture was amazing. There is so much history where you live.

    I am a Bernina fan, learned to sew on one…..
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!!

  16. We went to some of the Normandy Beaches this summer and Museums at Utah and also the cemetery in Bayeux- all very humbling, especially as I was brought up in a pacifist family.
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas from Lesley

  17. I recently bought the BERNINA 770 qe and love ALMOST everything about it with one huge problem. Basically all I do is make quilts, so a perfect quarter inch seam is critical and I cannot consistently get it. For example: sewing HSTs where you are feeding a small point is nearly impossible. I have tried every foot, and the best quarter inch I can get leaves the furthest right feed dog exposed, which makes the material on something like an HST slide. It’s anyone else having this issue? Any thoughts?

      • Agree. the straight stitch plate also has mark or notch at the bottom. I have never sewn such a perfect 1/4 inch and I have owned many, man machines. Mostly TOLs from Pfaff, Brother, Bernina. this one is excellent for piecing

    • Hi Pam, don’t know if you have been to your Bernina dealer yet, but if not, get the 97 D foot which comes with a fabric guide that screws into the bed of your machine. Perfect 1/4″ seam every time.

  18. 90% of the time it is operator error. I am having 2 problems with my 770QE machine. First, the machine does not recognise the foot, I have 97D in and it says it is 1D. I go and select the foot in the menu and it describes what foot it is and to use the plate, etc but it does not star.

    Another is I don’t understand how to find out how much is in the bobbin. I was sewing and all of a sudden the bobbin was empty, no alarm? The machine continued to sew. The bbbin area and sensor appear clean and I dusted the areas for lint. When I touch the bobbin on the screen I get a video how to fill the bobbin, nothing else.

    • Hi
      I have the 770 QE. The bobbin symbol flashes a little red icon when your getting near the end. Not very noticeable but it’s there. Also if you want the foot recognised go into the symbol of a dress and choose what your sewing. That will tell you which foot to use.
      I had the 830 which was nothing but trouble even though it had all the whistles and bells. A total nightmare and lost a lot of money. Luckily the embroidery module fits the 770 so all was not lost.
      Hope this helps

  19. I have been looking for a new machine to replace my very old 1630 and viking. I have been researching almost every machine out there for the larger harp and duel feed. I thought of getting a Janome ,Pfaff, Babylock,,ect..Never thought of going to the Bernina Dealer( as they are kind of pricey now) But I did go and fell in love with the770QE. (They have the duel feet now.) Still reading comments and trying to make the right decision.

  20. Hi

    I love my 770. I use it a lot. I do have one complaint. I use the knee lift all the time when I’m quilting. My machine is two years old (so it’s brand new in my mind). The display nows turns a weird blue fuzzy when I use the knee lift and it clears up when I play with the knee lift. I take it for service in a month and it will be interesting to see how much this costs to repair. If the bill is large then I’ll be disappointed with a two year old machine.


  21. Thank you for this, I am about to take the plunge even though I’m not a quilter, but do a massive amount of sewing and decided that many of these features are going to be fabulous for me.

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