Children’s Corner Laura in Windham’s Flora

Hello Friends, how fast this week has flown by, truly twinkling of an eye speed!   This is an overdue post.  I will be spending the rest of the year catching up on overdue posts… including my review on my Bernina machine.  Yes, I am still doing that.  Tentatively, it is scheduled for a day next week.  PLEASE, pretty please, do not give up on me just yet.

Earlier in the fall this year, I had a play outfit made for Miss Baby using Windham’s Flora fabrics!  We absolutely LOVE Flora.  The prints in the light colorway lend themselves to a fun and updated look for a little girl’s dress, but still maintain the traditional feel of the outfit. Click here to view the Flora fabrics, and find out what stores are stocking these fabrics.


I did not construct the outfit.  I can’t quite sew garments to save my life.  So, I had it professionally made by Jackie in Alabama (THANKS, Jackie!!).  We used the Laura pattern from Children’s Corner, which makes classy patterns for little girls.  Here, you can see the slightly gathered neckline.  LOVE that effect!



Miss Baby was really thrilled with the outfit! I like that we can easily pair it with a turtleneck or a long-sleeve T-shirt to extend the use of the outfit.


Jackie did a lovely job on Laura.  She even piped the sleeve with the contrasting fabric.  I thought that was just so clever, not to mention it adds to the overall look.


It’s always fun to dress my little on with what I like — Miss Baby is actually really easy on that front.  She is not quite concerned (yet!) with her looks.  So I have yet to experience the wardrobe battle… and some of you will tell me to just wait… :)


I am actually smocking (trying to!) a dress front.  I will post pictures when I have made significant progress — probably next year after I get all the important posts out before the year ends. :)

I am totally changing subject here…

You would probably be interested to know that our Christmas tree decorating saga this year continues.  Click here if you aren’t aware of the tug of war happening at my house.  I think the tug of war has ceased for the season.  Miss Baby has found other more interesting Christmasy things to keep her occupied. :)  Since I have no pride, I have decided to show you a couple of pictures I snapped of our tree a few days ago, after the single file ball ornaments were “distributed” more evenly. :)  But notice those gaping holes where there are NO ornaments, haha.


I guess we don’t have enough ornaments to go around… due to the “traffic jams” that are found in various spots of the tree where Miss Baby felt compelled to just cram in 4-5 ornaments on one tree sprig!  Actually, I spot 7 ornaments covering a minuscule area in the following picture.


Really, at my 5’2 1/2″ eye level, there are a few nice looking spots, like this one.


And this one…


So — our tree decided to fan out significantly more 2 weeks after we brought it home.  We normally let the tree rest for at least 36 hours for it to relax before doing anything to it. Apparently, 36 hours isn’t quite doing the job this year. So, now we have very noticeable gaping holes with nothing to cover the holes up.  SO… tonight, LATE tonight, I think I will attempt to re-do everything. My husband muses whether the revamp will go unnoticed.  If you are up late tonight, think of me while I am re-decorating my tree, and we can share a chuckle together. :)  Or what’s even better, you can come over and tell me where to place my ornaments, hahaha!


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!


9 thoughts on “Children’s Corner Laura in Windham’s Flora

  1. Wendy I love the little floral dress that you posted. By the way, Windham Fabrics is about 45 minutes from my house. They have beautiful fabrics. The store is in the Catskill Mountains here in NY State. It was so nice that you posted the shops that have the fabrics. Quilter’s Cars groan while going up the mountain. It is next to a Ski area in the small town of Windham. The owners purchased a historic home in the village and it became the family quilt shop. They have quilts
    in their rest room. It’s a fun place to shop. Laurie and her husband are owners. Her elder parents live upstairs and they both work in the shop as needed. Her father has a wicked sense of humor which make customers laugh and laugh! His daughter Laurie is a fabric designer. They have a great mix of vintage fabrics and modern fabrics. The shop is called The Patchwork Co and they have a site. I am happy that you have hooked up with this company. Their shop was
    written up in one of the recent quilting magazines. So happy to see that you have been
    acknowledged too!

  2. Yes the battles are ahead. Enjoy dressing her now while you can. It’s a sweet little dress. I am sure you can make simple jumpers out of all kinds of prints. If I did it, you can too. Have fun decorating the tree tonight. ; )

  3. Such a fun dress. I’m laughing about the tree tug of war. My tree is very sparse and I put very few ornaments on it mainly sticking with red and gold. It’s a simplified Christmas this year…

  4. No tree and next-to-no decorations this year with the plan to leave for TX the day after Christmas and I do refuse to come home in April to a Christmas state of affairs when even Easter is in the history books!!!! LOL!!!!

  5. Love Miss Baby’s fun dress. I am sure that she looks too cute while wearing it. Love your Christmas tree caper. Oh, the fun stories that you will be able to tell in a few years. Because of time constraints, my husband did our tree, from beginning to end, this year. This is a first in fifty two years. Not quite as many ornaments as usual, but he was a sweetie to take charge. He did a gorgeous job. Cat’s out, now I know he can do it!!

  6. My grand daughter has helped with our tree over the last few years and I did a little re-arranging when she was very small, but decided to leave it as she did it last years as she was with us all of Christmas, and I like to encourage her to be creative! A very difficult decision sometimes!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours , love from Lesley x

  7. I smile when I read Miss Baby’s tree decorating adventures because when I was a little girl I used to do the same at my Great Grandma’s house. At that time I was the only grandchild, great grandchild and niece so you see I got away with a LOT! Bur you know, I turned out ok!

    I am still anxiously awaiting the review of the Bernina. And……if I might make one tiny request…..a picture of you stash!!

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