Needles and Pins in AUSTRALIAN QUILTERS COMPANION (Issue 76)


Hello Friends!  I hope you are well.  I have SO enjoyed the comments you left on yesterday’s post.  Your Christmas traditions and memories are precious!  I am planning to have a couple more posts where we all can share about our Christmas sentiments before Christmas is actually here.

Today, I am sharing with you my Needles and Pins quilt that is featured in the latest issue (No. 76) of Australian Quilters Companion.  I am in love with the following styled shot of the quilt that is shown in the magazine spread.


photo credit: Australian Quilters Companion

This quilt is for all the nine-patch-ers out there! :) I used the double patch blocks to frame a framed modified nine-patch block.  So, if you like chain-piecing or making nine-patch blocks, I think you will have fun with this project.

AQC_Design 1b_54 x 54

This quilt was made with fabrics from RJR’s Needle and Pins line, designed by my friend Lynette Anderson.



For my US friends, you may purchase or subscribe to the magazine in digital format by clicking here.  I have heard from some of you who subscribe digitally that you have been really happy with your subscription.  THANK YOU for sending me your feedback.

Lynette’s fabrics are always filled with fun little details.  So, in order to fit as many fabrics as I could in the quilt, I finished off the design with a pieced outer border.


I quilted an allover swirly vine in the quilt center, and finished off with an informal feather in the outer border.  It might be hard to see, but I actually used a really nice soft blue Aurifil Mako 50 thread over Hobbs Tuscany silk batting.



I hope you have enjoyed Needles and Pins.  This was a relaxing quilt to make.  I had made it right before Spring Quilt Market earlier this year, after I turned in all the projects for my book Creative New Quilts & Projects from Precuts or Stash.  It’s always thrilling to me to have something featured in Australian Quilters Companion.  I am excited to have a couple more projects scheduled for feature next year in the same publication. [Click here in case you are interested in the other quilt in the following picture.]


Thank you for stopping by!  You ladies are so dear to me.  Hugs to you all.


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8 thoughts on “Needles and Pins in AUSTRALIAN QUILTERS COMPANION (Issue 76)

  1. Love this quilt, Wendy. It so much reminds me of argyle. The soft colored fabrics are so pretty. Quilters Companion is a really nice publication. I can always find something that I “must do” in the magazine.

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