Winner of giveaway & Linking up

So, this little stack of fabrics have been staring at me for weeks and weeks while I worked to rush out a few quilts lately.  Click here to read more about the fabrics, and original giveaway post.


I am SO sorry it took me so long to pick the winner for the giveaway due to the demands of work and life in general. To jog our memory, the prize is for one who could correctly guess the character portrayed in the following picture.


You all have been such great sports playing in the giveaway!  Many of you guessed correctly. The answer is George Washington, specifically George Washington during the French and Indian War — a young Washington in his colonel uniform in the Virginia Regiment, thus the navy jacket and red pants.   The artist also revealed to me the squirrels and hedgehogs were not aware of a war going on, and were going about their usual merry ways.

Washington 1772.jpgThe winner is duchick (#27).  An email was sent to you — please send me your mailing address so that I can get the prize mailed out to you.


Moving on…. If you haven’t familiarize yourself with QuiltShopGal, you simply need to!  I consider her the Consumer Reports of  the quilting world, besides being a dear dear friend.  I am honored to be featured in QuiltShopGal’s Free Motion Quilting Challenge for December 2015.  Do pop on over to see what the challenge is all about by clicking here.  And I would like to take this opportunity to thank QuiltShopGal for all that she has done for quilters!

FMQ challenge

That’s all for today, Dear Friends!  Come back tomorrow – I have another magazine feature quilt to share.  Till then! For now, I have a Japanese Fruit Pie to make before I go to sleep tonight — and I am getting request for Christmas cookies from Miss Baby… I guess it is December after all, haha!  HAPPY DECEMBER, Everyone!


3 thoughts on “Winner of giveaway & Linking up

  1. Yes, i loved that expert interpretation of Colonal Washington. The forest animals, usually a forgotten, however important element, during that time period are a stunning addition as well to the art work. This art work is quite suitable for framing by the way

    These grey fabrics look cheerful, even after days and days of this rain!
    Congratulations to the winner!

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