Exciting news moving forward…

Hello Friends, I just finalized our plans for Christmas 2015.  To be quite honest, I feel like we just celebrated Christmas 2013.  And here we are, a little over a month before Christmas 2015!  Then the New Year in 2016… and the cat is out of the bag!  I am most excited to be included in Aurifil‘s 2016 Design Team.  Below is a group photo taken with some of the designers, and host Pat Sloan, at Fall Market back in October.


Click here for more details on all the designers.  I am a little fish in the vast quilting world, and feel excited with disbelief I am included in the team.  I am starting to play with ideas for my block in my head…. just need a few free moments to do some sketching when I get a breather.

Have a great weekend, Friends!  I am getting my nails done this weekend for my trip next week.  What will you be doing?

26 thoughts on “Exciting news moving forward…

  1. Congratulations! Your addition to the Aurifil team will definitely be a catalyst to make the team as a whole better as they challenge themselves to rise to your level of creativity. I’m not sure where this year went, either.

  2. You really are a great designer, and I’m glad you’re getting the recognition you deserve. I have another craft show this weekend, and plan to finish a few other quilts before next week.

  3. Dear friend you KNOW I couldn’t be more excited for you – and proud to call you a friend. It’s about time you are recognized for all you do for the quilting community. You deserve every little thing that comes your way. Thank you again for being my mentor over the last few years and urging me to grow. I can’t wait to see what you share with us next year and on. Hugs…

  4. Congratulations Wendy! So very nice that my favorite thread company recognizes just how talented you are!! So well deserved!!

  5. Are you sure you are not committing to too much. Sorry for being so Motherly but it is very tempting to say yes to everything but remember much will still be available next year/

  6. Congratulations, Wendy! You definitely belong in this group, as you are such an Aurifil ambassador. Just remember to sleep, okay?

  7. Congratulations. You deserve this. Your designs are wonderful and your quilting superb. I am sure you will come up with a fabulous idea. Just be careful of taking too much on. It is so easy to say “Yes” to everyone and hard to say “No” Remember you have a family.
    As for the weekend……. we have had very high winds here in UK so I am busy dealing with the baking apples that have fallen down. It hasn’t been a good year, but my goodness, there does seem to be a lot. Fortunately, I cleared out the freezer a couple of weeks ago!!!!

  8. Congratulations!! On this newest award/reward. Your “little fish” is getting much bigger. Your block will be stunning!! Love your new quilt “Needles and Pins” in the latest issue of Quilters Companion!! Bet your nails are perfect as is your continued inspiration.😍

  9. Congratulations, Wendy! This is so exciting. I am extremely happy for you and yes, you deserve to be in this group. You are “big” fish! Hugs. Thanksgiving we are going to visit a brother of my husband’s. I think all the siblings have been invited as well as the parents, so it should be a rambunctious time!

  10. Congratulations! Wendy this is such a spectacular accomplishment, but I can see why you were chosen. You are creative and artistic plus chose fabrics brilliantly together. I am not sure what is going on for Thanksgiving here. Until that day, I am going to be quilting a couple of quilts and sewing a charity quilt together. Have a wonderful creative day!

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