11 thoughts on “Happy Veterans Day!

  1. My father was in the Army Signal Corps and served in Japan. I made him a Quilt of Honor and it was presented to him in 2011. He recently had a stroke, and he’s using the quilt during his recovery. Thanks for this post, and for your family’s veteran!

  2. Lovely tribute quilt! I have several vets in my family. My husband was Air Force and my brother Navy, both during the Vietnam era and my oldest son is now back to civilian life after serving in the Navy for 5 years. I’ve pieced and quilted for both Quilts of Valor and Quilts for Soldiers Families. I consider those to be some of the most important quilts I’ve ever done!

  3. My husband spent 22 years in the USMC. He still misses it after more than 20 years of retirement. God bless them all.❤️

  4. Well, my sister did a few years in the Army. She went to nursing school through them and she has quite a few stories.

    My parents survived WW2 in Holland. The only association they have with military was being liberated from the Nazi’s
    My dad was taken to a prison camp with a bunch of German air force guys. He says it was like a camping adventure, but I know he is not being completely truthful. He just will not share the horrible parts.
    Rex’s side of the family – his dad was a paratrooper in WW2.

  5. I am the daughter of a WWII and Korean War USAF vet, I am a USAF Vet, I married to a 20 year USAF member and buried him in the Veterans cemetery in Delaware, have a daughter who is a veteran, a son-in-law who is on active duty, and am currently married to another USAF veteran. I worked with the US Military for 37 years. It runs deep in our little family!

  6. Yes – spouse of a Navy veteran who served for 22 years. Even through the many moves and the long months my two children and I were on our own, we wouldn’t trade those years for anything. Go Navy and God Bless all our troops, former and current!

  7. My husband is currently Active Duty Air Force. He’s been in for twelve years and is planning on doing his full 20. He’s my hero and my rock.

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