Impressed by business cards, no?

While getting ready for school, Miss Baby got a hold of one of my business cards, and noticed a website address listed on the card.

Miss Baby to me:  You don’t mean to tell me you run a website too?

She acted like she was impressed, even if only fleetingly, before going out the door to get in the car for school!  Such is the life of the daughter of a quilt designer, I suppose… :)  Kids these days!


Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week ahead.  I will be prepping for my last work-related trip of the year.  I am ready to wind down and do some stitching with my little one after my trip!  I will catch up with you later!


13 thoughts on “Impressed by business cards, no?

  1. I had to giggle while reading your post. My little one is now almost 30, but even she will throw something like that at me occasionally. I think your business cards are fantastic and definitely impress me! Have a special time stitching and spending time with her tonight.

  2. I was impressed to see the announcement that you’ll be one of the Aurifil 2016 Designers of the Month! Your in with a grateful design lineup so I’m looking forward to that series next year!

  3. Your admirers are far and wide, and near and dear. What a bright child!! I love her comment. I hope you have a great week and can’t wait to see what the two of you come up with to sew! Congrats on the Aurifil 2016 D.O.Month. I enjoy that series.

  4. Wonderful business cards. They definitely reflect what you so beautifully do. I suspect that your little one is beginning to fully recognize the many wonderful and varied talents that Mom has. Enjoy your one last jaunt of the year. Looking forward to seeing the project that you and Miss Baby come up with upon your return.

    • Hi Wendy, I just returned from the Aurifil site, I wanted to see first-hand what was going on. Congratulations!! On your newest adventure with Aurifil! More excitement is in store for you. I am so happy for you, that your talents are being recognized…….. More “wows” for Miss Baby to think about!!

  5. Kids are knowledgeable about electronics theses days. Like a webpage–I didn’t know about these things until about 20 years ago, and some of these children weren’t even born yet — like your daughter and my 7-year old grandson and now my 4-year old grandson. It’s amazing, eh, Wendy?

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