Post Houston Fall Market #5

Hello Friends, I am so glad you dropped by again to visit.  One of my absolute favorite things to do at Market is to walk the floor and look for the little touches exhibitors sprinkled all over their booths.  So, this is my “it’s the little things that count” Market post.

At Landauer Publishing‘s booth:


At Windham Fabrics’ Christmas booth:



At Frond’s booth:


At Riley Blake’s booth:



At Birch Fabrics’ booth:


At Benartex’s booth:


Sorry, I forgot to check which booth this is.  I just remember the wreath caught my attention as I was rounding a corner:


It all rests on the finishing touches, as Miss Baby calls them!!

This is not really small, but I simply have to squeeze this picture of the blue/white china quilt in here in my last Market post for my china/blue and white loving friends!  If you know the pattern, would you please let me know?  I should dearly like to make this quilt!


That’s all, folks, for this time.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!  Till next time.

13 thoughts on “Post Houston Fall Market #5

  1. Thank you for sharing these special photos with us. I always enjoy seeing quilt displays. Just seeing how fabrics are used, the blocks and then the quilting. Looking at the clothing items or just anything that is with a display can be mesmerizing. I do not believe that displays ever made me stop and pay attention to all the details involved in a display until a few years after I began to quilt; plus, over the course of years, my interest continues to grow and many are magnificent. The quilt you are asking about, no it does not really hold my attention. Yet, in a few months it easily could….I continually change. Thank you again for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  2. Such fun to see what draws the attention of quilt viewers…… Yup, we all see something different. We had a great quilt show in Historic Downtown Franklin today. Show ends tomorrow. We were overjoyed with the turnout that we had today. Enjoy your weekend…..have a good, long rest.

  3. I think you may find that it is a version of ‘China Shop’ designed by Kaffe Fassete and Kathy Dougherty. It was done as a series of months in a magazine called Homespun in Australia …I hope this helps

  4. The blue and white/china quilt appears to be in the Rowan booth. And the quilt to the left of it does have Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Perhaps if you contacted Rowan, they could tell you. I think the writer above might be on the right track.

  5. The blue vase quilt reminds me of a Maggie Walker design, although it isn’t the same pattern. You may find something similar on her website.

  6. I have enjoyed ALL the post that you have sent from the market–quilts, fabrics the displays and just everything! It has to be an amazing place and so much fun to be in that environment. Thanks again for sharing all the photos! Happy weekend.

  7. Love the blue china quilt as well. I think I would have problems falling asleep while I was there re-thinking all the gorgeous quilts I’ve seen and how many I’d like to make. Congrats on being on the 2016 Aurfil team I love their thread.

  8. Great photos! I can imagine being there with you. The green VW caught my eye–same vintage as one I had, but that one is beautiful! Mine was just kind of beat up and well loved.

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