The Little House On The Hill: Preview

Hello Friends,  I have been plagued by delayed flights in my recent trips.  I arrived home from Indiana after midnight on Monday. After catching a couple of hours of zzz’s, I went straight to work on a quilt that simply has to catch its flight to Australia. I stayed up most of last night working to make the quilt happen… and here is a very sneaky preview of another collaborative project with Lynette Anderson.


I have NEVER made yoyo’s this small (without using those nifty Clover yoyo makers) until this project.  It was not as scary as I had feared.  I found that starch-pressing the fabric first helped the process tremendously.


So tell me – do you like yoyo’s, and do you use them on your quilts?  I will be back tomorrow with a final post on Fall Quilt Market this year to round off our week.  Thank you for stopping by – I hope to catch up with your blogs and emails this weekend.

12 thoughts on “The Little House On The Hill: Preview

  1. Oh my, such teeny, tiny yoyos. I’m anxious to see the rest of the quilt. You and Lynette always have wonderfully fun quilts. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Busy, busy three days…….my quilt guild is having a quilt show in downtown Franklin, TN this weekend. We will have about 100 quilts on display. Included is a Civil War Reproduction Quilt Challenge display created by guild members. Some real beauties here. We also have three authentic Civil War Quilts on display loaned to us by the Carter House, one of the town’s historic sites. Exciting times!

  2. Yes I love making yoyo’s but only with the clover makers and NOT that small. I saw a table runner and they put yoyo’s across the 2 ends which was cute.

  3. Gorgeous quilt, fabrics, colors, quilting. I do enjoy yo-yos and have been inspired by various quilts, including this one, that incorporate yoyos in a 3D applique fashion to give more visual impact. Love the sneak peeks on this quilt and your use of yo-yos. Total #CreativeGoodness


  4. Wow! I thought “those yo-yo’s don’t look so small—UNTIL I SAW THE PENNY!!! I do like making yo-yo’s and will try using starch the next time I make them. I teach mini-classes at one of the quilt shows I’ve been juried in to since 1992. Each year we try to gear more and more of them to children. Yo-yo making is one of their favorites. I teach them to make the yo-yo’s then we add applique leaves, crystals, embellishments and turn them into brooches, hairbows, etc. They get to leave with something they’ve made plus for most of them it’s the first time they’ve held needle and thread. Take care, Wendy….REST…then after you’ve rested…REST SOME MORE! lol. (ps…I’m so looking forward to seeing more of this latest collaboration with Lynette)

  5. I like to use yo-yo’s as centers for applique flowers. I have made all sizes, depending on the project I am working on but I usually use the clover yo-yo maker.

  6. Cute Wendy. I have never made yo yos.
    After you make them, do you flip them over and applique them on?
    this looks like a sweet peek. love the quilting too
    Happy November

  7. Boy are those small yoyo’s. I like yoyo’s and have a number of the clover assistants but have yet to use them. I can’t wait to see the completed project.

  8. The second quilt I ever made had 63 yo-yos on it. At the time it seemed like a lot, but now that I’ve seen quilts made entirely of them…well, I guess mine pales in comparison. I still like my cute little quilt though!

  9. Yoyos are one of the first stitches I ever took. I was not even of school age yet. When I was a little more ‘proficient’ at it, mom had me making trivets out of yoyo covered bottle caps. I don’t know where she got bottle caps–we never drank soda pops–but we had lots of trivets!

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