Post Houston Fall Market #4

Hello Friends, I am going to share with you sightings of the extension of yours truly (aka quilts made from my designs) at Market this year.   Seeing the quilts at Market made me forget all the all nighters I have pulled this year!

One of the highlights for me this year has been the opportunity to design with a reproduction line by Mary Koval for Windham, Postage Stamp.  I met the Mary Koval, and felt gratified knowing that Mrs. Koval approved of the designs I did using her fabric line (click here to find out more)!  This Sundials Quilt is one of four designs I did using Postage Stamp, and was displayed at Windham’s booth.


Also at another end of Windham’s booth, this Tulip Quilt using Flower Pedals (click here for more details) was also displayed.  There is also a look book here.


Additionally, two of my Christmas designs using Windham’s Storybook Christmas (click here for more details) were displayed at Windham’s Christmas room.  Congrats to Windham for winning 1st Place Single Booth with their Christmas booth.


Then, I saw a fun lap quilt I design for Island Batik, at their booth, using their Desert Rose line (click here for more details) bunched up and hung — the one in the foreground.


Hoffman Fabrics displayed a quilt I designed using their Wish You Were Here line (click here for more details).  The blocks were meant to look like postage stamps.


I also had designs at Quilting Treasures‘ booth featuring their upcoming lines Royal Princess, Woodland Wonder, Charleston.




The cover quilt of my book Creative New Quilts and Projects at Landauer’s booth.



My All That Glitters quilt that is featured in the latest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting also made an appearance at their booth.  More about the quilt is forthcoming.


And just for the sake of completion, my Thread Journey quilt was displayed at Aurifil’s booth.  More pictures are found here. This quilt will be on tour with Alex Veronelli next year as he lectures at quilt shops on Aurifil threads.  Be sure to find out if there’s a lecture near you.  Alex’s lectures are fun, entertaining, VERY educational and definitely worth your time! I had been to one.


The sight of these quilts rounded off my year nicely, not because I am great in any way (I am well aware I am NOT!), but rather I am humbled by the thought that someone else saw something in my designs, enough to share them with others.  I feel immensely blessed.  And through it all, may my God and Creator be glorified.

16 thoughts on “Post Houston Fall Market #4

  1. Wendy,

    I love the Postage Stamp collection and the quilts you made with it. I tried to get your free patterns, but they were not hot links. Did I miss something or are they not available yet? I would really like to know when they become available and I will watch for the Postage Stamp Collection in stores.

    Will you post on your blog when the patterns become available? Thanks

    Mary D

    • Hi Mary,

      I don’t think they are available yet. I will try my best to post them as I find out when they are available, but I am often not privy to the details… Keep checking Windham’s site!

      Thanks for your kind words.

  2. You DO deserve the recognition, because you’ve worked hard to earn it, and you are very talented. You’re allowed to do a happy dance when it’s recognized. I’m a huge fan, and doing the happy dance for you, too. I love that you’ve earned the success, and that you praise God because of it.

  3. What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing insights on Quilt Market. I am amazed with how many stunning quilts you had exhibited at Market. I think you need an award, as I’ve never seen so many beautiful quilts from the same designer at Market. Yeap, you’ve been busy, but you are so gosh darn creative. Love all of your #CreativeGoodness, but your postage stamp quilt is amazing.


  4. What a fun tour of your quilts and patterns–look forward to seeing your new book, too! Thanks, too, for your witness….a great reminder to us all!

  5. Wendy, please do not sell yourself or your talent short. You’ve taken God’s gift and multiplied it. I especially like the postage stamp, Charleston, and Christmas quilt with the trees.

  6. How cool to walk Market and see all your wonders everywhere – congratulations and thank you for sharing your talents with all of us.

  7. Wendy, all your quilts are stunning. I can see why you had so many late nights. How wonderful that they were all displayed at Market for all to admire. Many, many kudos for you. Your talents are many. Thanks for continuing to be a marvelous inspiration for all of us. Maybe it is time for a mini break but don’t want you to lose momentum or your creative juices……. WOW!! You are on a roll!! Thanks for a wonderful sharing………

  8. We all know how busy you are, but don’t really realize just how busy until we see a post such as this one!! You must feel so proud of your accomplishments!! You continue to inspire & teach us every time you post pictures of your quilts. Sometime I hope to get to Houston quilt market & see all those booths!! I’m starting to quilt my big quilt so will be sending pics soon I hope!

  9. Hi Wendy…

    I’m just about speechless! The quilts are beautiful and it’s so nice seeing you’re getting the recognition you deserve. I have a feeling Mary Koval went home thinking “I met Wendy Sheppard! THE Wendy Sheppard!” Your Thread Journey is one of my favorites ….I’m glad it will go on tour and I hope to re-create it myself.

    Have a blessed day….kathy

    ps…HE is glorified in all you do and say! Your light shines brightly. Love and prayers always….

  10. I hope and pray someday I get to experience the Houston show in person but am thankful that others go and share their pictures. I wish I didn’t have to sleep as there is not enough time in the day to make all the things I see. Thanks for sharing.

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