November Desktop Wallpaper: Care for a Cuppa?

Hello Friends, November is just right around the corner.  My publisher, Landauer Publishing, is featuring my Coffee Cup wallhanging, Care for a Cuppa?, in the desktop wallpaper they are offering for November.

cuppa TRY


Click here to find out more!

Complete pattern instructions to make this “kitchen and breakfast nook friendly” wallhanging are in my book Creative New Quilts & Projects.  

Have a great weekend, Dear Friends!  And…. please tell me the # of cups of coffee/tea you drink to keep you functioning each day!

9 thoughts on “November Desktop Wallpaper: Care for a Cuppa?

  1. Oh my, what a fun “wallpaper”. What a great way to begin the new month, better yet, a super way to brighten the end of daylight savings time. One cuppa coffee to begin my day then on to tea. The number depends on my mood and my daily activities, although I drink many more cups of tea in the cold chilly days of winter.

  2. Very cute! I can’t have caffeine due to a heart rhythm problem, and I do miss it’s helping me keep awake. But I like a cup of decaf with a sweet snack, and I like it to keep warm in the winter. So, on an average day – a cup a day. In the winter – maybe 2 or 3.

  3. So cute! Well done! Can’t function without coffee…I have a VERY large cup at work. I think it takes 2 cups to fill it up…and I refill at least 3 times during the day :)
    Hooked on café, never take it away!

  4. At least 6 cups of strong black coffee, 2 cups of herbal tea in the evening and copies amounts of Diet Coke! I still fall asleep every 5 minutes and do a more than passable impression of the dormouse in Alice in Wonderland!

  5. That’s so cute. I’m decaffeinated, so no coffee. I’ll have occasional mugs of Hot Chocolate with whipped cream, when it’s cold, but other than that, I drink water. But when I need a pick-me-up, I’ll have a Dove Promise chocolate or 3, lol. Have a great day!

  6. One cup in the morning…always salted caramel flavored with a small drizzle of salted caramel agave nectar for sweetener! Yummmm!! Never been a tea drinker; I’m one of those strange people that actually likes water.

    Love the wallpaper! Adorable!

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