Behind the Scenes #2 & THIS or That #10

Hello Friends, you have been so kind!  Thank you for all your sweet words and emails on my latest quilt features.  A more reflective post on all the excitement is forthcoming when I can breathe a little better.  Things are a bit messy right now at my end, as you can see from the picture, before I can make my bird, swirls and stars quilt looks somewhat presentable for Market…


And of course, out of the pile, I auditioned fabric after fabric (for the infinite-th time) to find the perfect one to cut the applique pieces… and my 6 year old live-in “art-eest” seemed to just complicate the whole selection process because she keeps giving me unsolicited suggestions, haha!


I am quite embarrassed to admit to you I am not a tidy and neat quilter behind-the-scenes, not because I don’t want to be one, but rather, having to stop halfway and tidy up my workspace and fold up fabrics is a time killer when sometimes having 20 minutes extra means a quilt can be shipped out on time instead of a day later.  Thus the aforementioned mess you witnessed earlier in the post.

And that brings me to our latest installment of THIS or THAT –  Messy or Neat (when you quilt)?  Remember, there is no right or wrong answers for our THIS or THAT!

Back to work I go…. I shall catch up with you later!


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13 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes #2 & THIS or That #10

  1. Oh, definitely messy, until I can’t stand it anymore and need to take a time-out to make sense of the mess. But remember: creative minds are rarely tidy!

  2. If Charles Schulz’ character Pig Pen were a quilter, that would be me. In my defense, I do sometimes make serendipitous discoveries in my messes. When the chaos gets too bad, I do clean things up.

  3. My husband says I have a “pile it” system: pile it here and pile it there….desk and quilting. Just don’t mess with my piles!!

  4. Knee deep in “messy” while a project is going on. Once the project is complete all gets tidy once again. Another project, yup another mess. Thank goodness I can walk away and close the door. Whew!,

  5. I am usually surrounded by my “possibilities”/audition-pieces until it comes together and then I swoop all the extras into one pile and push them off to the side (you are so right! straightening at this point robs time from the process!!!!). When finished I TRY to re-place all the “explosion” that occurred……..not always successful on that score!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  6. I am definitely the messy type! I do try to clean and straighten after each quilt is done, but if another deadline looms I may just carry on. After awhile, I have to stop and clean up because the mess becomes unproductive.

  7. I am definitely messy. I need to work on cleaning up as I go, but I don’t get as much time to sew as I would like, so I tend to spend the time doing what I enjoy, sewing. But I do regularly have to clean up my sewing room so that I can find what I’m looking for and have room to work.

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