Be on a lookout….

… for quilts humbly designed by me in various publications that aren’t posted on my blog (yet!)… due to a case of extreme work load! I want to let you know in case you aren’t subscribers to any of the magazines, and want to pick up a newsstand copy before they are out of circulation.

1.  All That Glitters (American Patchwork & Quilting, December 2015)


All that glitters

image credit: Meredith Corporation

2.  Square Dance (Quilter’s World, Winter 2015)



3.  Rows of Roses (McCall’s Quick Quilts, December 2015/January 2016) – ON THE COVER!!



4. In Your Corner (Better Homes and Gardens / American Patchwork & Quilting Calendar 2016)




image credit: Meredith Corporation

5.  Twilight Trellis (McCall’s Quilting, September/October 2015 )


Design 2a_64.5 x 64.5

And I am supposed to have a quilt in the latest issue of Australian Quilters Companion (Issue 75), I think (!). Unfortunately I do not have any information.  If you do, would you pretty please email me?

Now, you know why my life has been crazy (just a little bit, haha!)… but enough about my very boring and uneventful life!  I am more interested in yours — how’s your week shaping up?  And… curious mind wants to know if you have a favorite from the quilts I have shared with you in this post.

Thank you for stopping by.  I am working a bird, swirl and star quilt that is very me — my three favorite quilty elements all appearing in one quilt! Can’t wait to be able to reveal the quilt to you!

19 thoughts on “Be on a lookout….

  1. Wow Wendy! How you manage to do it all is quite impressive. Hope things can slow down a bit for you to enjoy the great autumn weather while it lasts.

  2. What a busy bee you are! I was just sitting a few moments ago looking at All That Glitters in the latest issue of AP&Q. It’s so lovely…a timeless classic. I’m actually working on a Sawtooth Star myself with some gorgeous fq’s that were gifted to me….now I’m thinking maybe they’ll become double Sawtooth Stars! As to which of the quilt photos is my favorite–it hard to choose but I think it would have to be Twilight Trellis….those beautiful Chambray Rose fabrics are just so pretty….with All That Glitters being a close second! Thank you so much for sharing with us…Every time I see a Wendy Sheppard quilt in a magazine I feel so proud of you–but please don’t forget to breath and rest and sleep and enjoy Miss Baby—I know you will do that—but take care of Wendy too!

  3. Your productivity is amazing Wendy. I am drawn to Square Dance. Right now I’m busy supporting the working folk in our household with meals and shopping, etc. Hope the new school year is going well for Miss Baby!

  4. A bird, a star, and swirls all in one quilt? Ooh, am I excited to get a peek at a truly “Wendy” quilt.!! All your quilts are beauties, but think that I will go with “All that Glitters.” Love the stars! Enjoy your time at Market, what a glorious experience that must be. Hopefully, your quilting life will slow down a bit after that adventure. Time for an amazing lady to take a rest.

  5. I read the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine while on a plane this weekend. Your quilt was my favorite- I love stars and the colors of the fabric were perfect.
    You’ve been very busy. I haven’t read the McCalls magazine yet so I’ll have to look for your quilt. Another star quilt and in one of my favorite colors – blue.

  6. Congrats Wendy! Last week I purchased APQ @Costco in a 2 pk w Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Quilts for $12+. Keep up the great work w your beautiful quilts. Blessings!💝

  7. They are all gorgeous, and I need to look for the calendar and the magazine with Twilight trellis. I’m working on some customs and gifts, and more things for my craft shows.

  8. Well deserved, Wendy. Your designs are well sought after with good reason. Keep up the great work, just remember to breathe.😉

  9. Wendy, First and foremost, Congratulations on such a spectacular achievement! You are one extra spectacular designing artistic quilter! I am so glad that I found your blog to follow! Now really you can not be serious and expect me to chose a favorite out of all of these spectacular quilts your designed and created! They are each and every one amazing. I will definitely be watching the newsstands for each of these copies. My week is shaping up just perfectly…the Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt that I have been working on; I have completed the top and am now working on adding the first border. I am not quite positive how I will go with it, our bed is a queen and the top already hangs over both sides. But it needs some extras to make your eyes stop traveling from block to block (in my opinion) and all the scrappy beauty. I hope to have it ready to be quilted by the Friday. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  10. Oh, my goodness! You’re smokin’! I especially like All that Glitters! Put that magazine at the top of my list, for sure! Congratulations!

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