A simple Math equation…

Creative New Quilts & Projects is official – copies of the book hope to be on their way to you!


I was unpacking copies of my new book Creative New Quilts & Projects, and saw the very scientific Math equation on the back cover , haha!  I got quite a chuckle out of it.  I am touched that my publisher stands by the accuracy and validity of the equation!

back cover

And here is Spring Basket, one of the book projects.

Spring Basket

I will post more up-close pictures once I get all my projects return to me after Market.  Meanwhile, these are what I have on hand.




You may purchase the book from:

  1. Landauer by click here.
  2. Me directly for $21.95 + $5.75 (USPS Priority Envelope).  I am happy to sign the book for you.  Please email me directly, and tell me if you want me to send you a paypal invoice, or if you want to send your payment with a check.  And we will go from there.
  3. Amazon here.
  4. Crafter’s Choice here.
  5. Your local quilt shop!

How do you like Spring Basket?  I can see it done with fall colors, as well as Christmas!

I will post more about the book in the near future.  So far, the following are the projects I have shared about, and there are definitely MORE to come!

cuppa TRY


Thank you for stopping by!  I will catch up with you later!  And… definitely more to come about the book! Meanwhile, would you spread the word?

10 thoughts on “A simple Math equation…

  1. The first word that came to my mind was “whimsy”………one of the delightful qualities that are inherent in your designs. I canNOT wait to delve into this book’s treasure trove of projects/inspiration!!!! Hugs………………….

  2. Oh my, I can definitely spread the word. Your latest book has so many beautiful “Wendy” creations. They all look so fresh, so feminine, so pretty. (I know that by using different fabrics that the great patterns can take on a masculine, childlike, holiday , or……. Look.) I’m anxious to get a copy. Beautifully done, congratulations!! Wendy!!

  3. I just received my copy of the book today!! I ordered it from Amazon back in August. It is just wonderful on a quick look through! Wendy does such lovely work, directions are so clear, can’t wait to start a new project or 2! Everyone will enjoy the new book Quilts & Projects from precuts or stash!

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