Fabric Showcase: Windham’s Shirt & Tie & Giveaway

Hello Friends, I hope you are having a good weekend.  I actually logged a total of 10 hours of sleep last night.  Friday nights have turned into my “chat” night with Miss Baby.  We get in our PJ’s, and hop in bed at 8pm, and Miss Baby immediately launches into all the dramas that unfolded at school the past week.  And after the chat, we go to sleep! See how wild my Friday nights get?  And last night, I decided to turn off my alarm just because I thought I deserve a night of sleep without the alarm clock waking me up!

SO here I am… I am happy to showcase Windham’s Shirt & Tie collection today!  Click here to view all the fabrics, and to check if your favorite local quilt shops are carrying the fabrics.  This fabric lines come in amazing options: red, blue, aqua, green, olive, yellow, fuchsia and gray!


I see lots of possibilities with Shirt & Tie, interjecting the different colors in a quilt for a fun and striking look.  I personally love working with collections that look more like the “basic” lines carried by the fabric companies.  In fact, many of your favorites have been made/designed with these kind of basic line-liked/blender fabrics, like both the cover quilts of both of my books so far.

00 RAQCover


Then, we have Star Struck (2015 Benartex Fan Favorite)

High Res_3b_73 x 73

Sherry’s Stars (Quilters Newsletter, October/November 2015)


Exclamation Point (Quilts and More, Spring 2015)


Color Burst  (QUILT, June/July 2013) — also known as my Iron Man quilt.


Petals & Matrix Log Cabin Quilt 5 in 1 — you will probably notice that the two quilts following this one are designed with the same fabrics — and you would bright.  I actually have a 4th quilt made and designed with the same fabrics.  I am just waiting for the green light to make it public.

Design 1b_51 x 57_High Res

Plain & Fancy BOM (no longer offered)

BOM_Applique_High Res

Calico Trail (featured in award-winning Recreating Antique Quilts)


So now you know why I see Shirt & Tie as fabrics for the possibilities!! :)  The moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to stock up on basic-looking fabrics, I guess!


It’s gray, dark and stormy outside — we are still getting the rain, and a bit of wind due to the hurricane!  So, I am giving away the gray colorway FQ of Shirt & Tie, plus a spool of Aurifil gray/cream variegated thread!  Incidentally, it’s the same thread I had used to quilt my Calico Trail quilt.


To enter, between now and October 9th, you will have to identify correctly which 18th century American historical figure (hero) is depicted by the artist (aka Miss Baby) in the picture below.  Note from artist:  The stick hand is NOT a hint.  It is merely the result of the artist not quite mastering how to draw human hands…. yet!

Addendum:  That is not a kite — it is a saber this hero is holding! :)


I personally like the squirrels and hedgehogs — the artist has a comment about them too.  I shall reveal the comment when I reveal the giveaway winner.


Thanks for joining in for a bit of fun.  Miss Baby will be delighted to count how many right guesses she receives.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend!  Hugs to you all!

127 thoughts on “Fabric Showcase: Windham’s Shirt & Tie & Giveaway

  1. I thought of Robin Hood because all the animals look happy. I also liked the hat. So my first guess is Robin Hood but I wonder if he was in the 18th century. I also thought of George Washington and his chopping down of the cherry tree although we’re told he didn’t so maybe he was just practicing what he would do and the animals were anticipating all the cherries spewed on the ground. Your artist is exceptional as she has an audience thinking about her picture.

  2. Hi I am unable to download the free pattern

    FREE PATTERN: Petals & Matrix

    That’s is attached to this newsletter Please could you help Many thanks Trudy Wilkinson

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  3. Hmmmmm. Blue uniform. Ulysses S. Grant? Custer? My first guess was Johnny Appleseed, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t carry a sabre! :-) Thank you Miss Baby. This is fun!

  4. Hate to tell her but Hedgehogs are not found in America in the wild. Maybe they are porcupines? Love the imagination of the young. Can not wait to find out who this was. I thought Paul Revere with the light, Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett in the woods, Johnny Appleseed, She has talent.

  5. Oh I am sooooo sad! I just love that fabric but I will not be able have a guess because, being a Brit, I am clueless about US history. The only person I know is George Washington but what the connection to squirrels is, I have no idea. Now Robin Hood, I would know because he would be dressed in green! I willjust have to see if I can find it here in the UK. Keep up with those Friday night sessions, they sound like fun. My boys used to regail us with stories about school over tea. It used to be hilarious – it certainly made me feel better about my day at work!

  6. Thanks for all the eye candy in your post! The quilts are gorgeous, and the fabric would go well in any of them! And as for the other artistry, I’m guessing Benjamin Franklin. Great picture! Thanks for the fun.

  7. Benjamin Franklin was who came to mind right off — and they say you should go with your first guess. So, “final answer” — Benjamin Franklin.

  8. I love gray…..I even like rainy days…although we’re getting pretty water-logged in WV. I haven’t read other comments but it looks like Benjamin Franklin to me flying his kite! Whoever it is shows Miss Baby is one talented budding artist! BTW—I totally love your ritual with Miss Baby—-I did pretty much the same thing when my girls were small….now, when I can, I snuggle in with the grandbabies. They especially love to get in bed with Gammie in the mornings when I sleep over at their house. Blessings…..Kathy in WV

  9. l’ll have to guess George Washington. Miss Baby needs an extra gold star for her wonderful picture. Thanks for all the wonderful info & patterns you share with us.

  10. red pants blue shirt, blue hat and a saber?
    Well, I hope you frame this picture because it is a beauty
    This could be a Polish Hussar
    or General Custard….
    Or a super hero out in the woods communing with nature :-D

  11. Wow this could be any number of American heroes from the 1700’s. I’m going to say George Washington. But there are others that might fall into the category, such as Benjamin Franklin, although I think he was more of a statesman than one who carried a saber. Then there is Daniel Boone, Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine. Hey Wendy, how about a little history lesson along with the answer to Baby’s picture :-) She is becoming quite the artist!

  12. I’m thinking Benjamin Franklin as it seems the character is flying a kite. But what do I know. Well, I do know that the Shirt and Tie fabrics look lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. I’m not up to snuff on American history, but my guess it George Washington and I think the artist rendered a beautiful art piece!!!

  14. I love your chats! And every now and then an early bedtime hits the spot. I’ll refrain from guessing so as to leave the prize for those who quilt, but I am enjoying the answers. Love the squirrels and hedgehogs!

  15. Blue Jacket was a war chief of the Shawnee people, known for his militant defense of Shawnee lands in the Ohio Country.

    • Yikes. Too tired for trivia tonight =) Their time periods overlap. Washington would have a cherry tree, though, I would think.

  16. My guess is George Washington as well-the only one that a saber makes sense of. Franklin was a diplomat, and more comfortable with a flagon of ale.

  17. I’m with the rest …since it is not a kite..but a sabre…voting for George Washington here too! Great drawing Miss Baby!! Hoping you get to count lots of right guesses! lol tooooo fun! :)

  18. Beautiful quilts and all hold such great history. My guess for the wonderful art work is George Washington. I think the squirrels are showing they love their cherry tree to prevent young George from cutting it down.

  19. Miss Baby clearly is a creative child! My guess is George Washington. The fabric line is lovely, and will be easily usable for many patterns.

  20. Not sure who it is but love, love, love the gray fabric and thread. Would be s much fun to work with them!

  21. I love the artistic rendition, fantastic! I am going to say George Washington due to the beautiful work depicting such!

  22. I think it is Thomas Jefferson he lived in Virginia and looking at everything in the picture it made sense to me that that who it would be.

  23. Ben Franklin- looks like a beautiful golden key on that kite string! Or I could be waaaay off- so hope she isn’t offended by wrong guesses :) Love those animals!

  24. It must be George Washington with his battle sword, at home at beautiful Mt. Vernon. Very nice detailed drawing!

  25. The clothing and hair makes me think it’s George Washington, but the saber could also be James Cook (AKA Capt. Cook)… although less likely.

  26. who was it that said “the British are coming the British are coming”? (brain fart – can’t remember his name)

  27. I am going to say, George Washington. It is a lovely drawing, no matter who it is. It reminds me of the lovely drawing my babes have been creating.

  28. I will guess George Washington. I loved all the pictures my little ones made me. Be sure to date the ones you save. So much fun to look back on the years from the future.

  29. I’m going with George Washington, beautiful picture and love the Friday night ritual, will mean so much to her

  30. George Washington and he didn’t chop down the tree because the squirrels were showing their love for it :)

  31. Ok, 18th Century is 1700s, tri corner hat, white hair, saber, blue jacket. I think it is George Washington.

  32. I would say George Washington. I seen the three crosses on the tree and wasn’t sure if that had a significance, but I choose George Washington. I miss drawings from my kids, now I am waiting for grand baby drawings. Have a wonderful day!

  33. I’m guessing Grorge Washington. Looks to me like he’s getting ready to cross the Deleware River.

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