What’s cookin’?

So, what’s cookin’?  Let see… I added a bit of brown sugar, some ground cinnamon, a smidgen of vanilla, dried cherries, and dark chocolate chips to my heart’s content.



A bit of this and a smidgen of that…. and out came a Carmen fabric bundle (imagine that!) – not a easy feat, mind you!  Please tell me you are impressed! :)



I had mentioned to you Nancy Gere’s new Carmen fabrics, but haven’t shown them to you until now.  If you are a red/caramel/black person, I just know Carmen is calling you name!  Click here to find out who carries the fabrics.  Note:  the reds are more red than they are “copper-ish orange”.



So, what’s cookin’ at your end this week?  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope a blessed week awaits you.

25 thoughts on “What’s cookin’?

  1. Oh boy! My kind of ingredients. I’m ‘sniffing’ and yup… the cinnamon tells me it’s fall!
    I know you’ll come up with a delicious recipe. :-)

  2. What a tease. Beautiful fabrics, which I look forward to seeing what you create with. I must admit, they’d be perfect for a Fall quilt and I love all Fall projects. Your pan is also so cute.

    I’m cooking up some machine embroidery projects, along with an EPP project, while trying to organize my sewing room. Should simply focus on organization, but it is still so hot that I can only do it for short time periods. And, to me, I always have more fun working on organization, or paperwork, when my embroidery machine is stitching along.


  3. Oh, wow!! I find it totally amazing that Civil War era, and earlier, fabrics are so beautifully colorful. The more I see, the more I want them for my collection. I’m anxious to see what you create from this gorgeous collection. The pot that cooked up this marvelous collection is also a beauty.

    Have fun creating!!

  4. Very cute post! I was really expecting a recipe! lol Gorgeous fabrics are just as fun, though. I made a Toll House Pie for my son, and a Rock Creek Lake Peach pie for me to share with a friend, and plan to make chocolate pumpkin cupcakes for Saturday. I’m also sewing like crazy. Lots to do, and plan on a few Fall items, too.

  5. Yummy! I’ve been doing a wool appliqué lately. Yesterday I decided I needed to give myself a ‘play day’. Those colors are inspiring!

  6. Very cute fabrics, Wendy. As I began reading your post, I thought for sure you were making yummy oatmeal. Hah! You got us! Today I am ripping out quilting I sewed last night. The good news is I have a much clearer idea where I need to go from here.

  7. I might actually do a lot more cooking if I could whip up something like those beautiful fabrics! Today I started “cooking up” a Fall table topper as my first project using a recently purchased Lil Twister template. I cut 5″ squares from my stash using fall colors, and I am hoping it will remind me of autumn leaves when it is finished.

  8. Gorgeous fabric. It sure is calling me, love those reds! Today I put the last border on a Hunter’s Star flimsy, one of last years UFO’s. It’s a UFO no longer.

  9. More gorgeous Nancy Gere fabrics! Her designs for Windham are my favorites. I made a quilt with her World’s Fair fabrics earlier this year–an older line, but I finally psyched myself up to cut them! Beautiful post.

  10. I like your “recipe”! :-) Do you think the reds in that line would go with the reds that are in the Fig Tree Quilt lines? Thanks!!

  11. Boil, boil, my cauldron bubbles…
    Today I’m creating with Kansas Troubles…

    I love the fabrics stirring in your pot! Great fall colors!

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