And it’s a wrap!!!

It has been a FULL summer for me… filled with memories,


Ft Myer1



Ft Myer2



featured quilts (click on quilt pictures for more information on the quilts),




hop image1


upcoming features,









and even more excitement for a friend’s new book (click here to find out more),


… as well as for my sewing mother ship (click here to read more),


and goodies shared with friends… (click on quilt images for more information on designs).

Dream Blossom

High Res_Monkey Business Quilt

High Res_Design 1e_64 x 70

All mixed in with smidgens of randomness…




Miss Baby is back to school, but life remains full and busy for us.

lunch bag

I have always found it hard to explain to people exactly what I do as a quilt designer.  I have been asked quite a bit what I am going to do with all the time I have now that Miss Baby is back in school.  Might you have any guesses? :)  I will have some sneak peeks to share with you later…

So, what has/have been your summer highlight(s)?

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely week!

11 thoughts on “And it’s a wrap!!!

  1. Oh my where did the years go. Miss Baby must be so excited to be going back to school..lots of fun times for her and a fringe of sadness for you that she is growing up. I know your days will be full and time will go fast..the highlight of our summer is seeing our baby 35 years old buying her own townhouse. Hugs Bunny

  2. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, our dear and cherished friend. We are so pleased to be a part of your journey and continuing success. You make your “mothership” so very proud!
    It was wonderful having you back with us this year. We eagerly anticipate your next visit with us. Until then, you will remain in our hearts and prays.
    Take care . Rhonda, Dan and all at Rogers Sewing Center.

  3. What a lovely post….(as they all really are, though)…thank you for sharing….I almost felt a sadness as I scrolled through the photos, remembering each post and my thoughts about them on those days. I was afraid there was going to be a “goodbye” note at the bottom…I guess I’m just in a mood today. Best wishes to Miss Baby G on going back to school….ah! An epiphany…..that’s why I’m feeling this…my oldest grandson just started pre-k yesterday and Gammie was both sad and joyful all day yesterday. They grow up too fast, don’t they? I felt it with my daughters and now re-living it with the grandchildren. We love you, Wendy. Blessings for today and the coming seasons….

  4. I truly love your Migration quilt but have been unable to find the pattern via your website. Where can I find the pattern? And a big thank you for all you do, you have inspired me and really helped me improve my FMQ.

  5. You asked about our summers? We spent most of the summer packing & moving & unpacking & trying to find places for things. I’ve finally gotten the sewing room up & running in half the space I had at the other house, but it is functional. Looking forward to the new book!!
    From the pictures, you had a great summer!!

  6. A full full summer for sure! It’s nice to document so much that happened in a few short months. Hope Miss Baby has a wonderful school year!

  7. Our biggest summer highlight was about a week and a half ago when my oldest son was here for over a week, my husband took a week of vacation, my others boys took a day or two off, and we cerebrated two birthdays and had a great time together as a family.

  8. The summer began with a perfect Spring, giving us wonderful days in abundance……and, yet, the season has seemed to fly by quicker than ever before. No specific highlights but all is good here! The wonderful quilty busy-ness continues and I’m loving it. I bet I can guess how your days will go, now that school is in session!!!! Many hugs…………………SSAB

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