Friday Catch-up!

Hello Friends, I am still here….. have just been really busy, and will continue to be for a couple of weeks.  But my family and I are doing well.

This quilt is reaching its editorial destination today.  This turned out SOOOO pretty!!  My entire family (well, all three of us) fell in love with it.  As many as the quilts the two “armchair quilt designers” in my family have seen, anymore it takes a little bit to impress them, ha! *tongue in cheek*


Next up is a quilt with this color scheme.

Ft Myer1

We only have 3 weeks of summer holiday left before the little one goes back to school.  We are trying to pack in as many memories as we can.  Here, Miss Baby met Peter (the horse) on his way back to his stable.  Peter melted Miss Baby’s little heart with a most sincere and proper bow.  It is sweet to see a man in uniform taking the time to stop and chat with a child, and gave her his full attention.  Fun times, with much gratitude to those who serve in the Armed Forces with honor and dignity. [A most interesting side note – every brass piece you see on that horse is hand polished every day, and all the leather pieces are handmade, by hand and machine.]

Ft Myer2

Thank you all for stopping by.  Have a blessed weekend, Everyone!

p.s.  I haven’t forgotten about the winners of the Windham Color & Count giveaway as well as my first post on “the machine that could” – the reveals will be very soon.


9 thoughts on “Friday Catch-up!

  1. Wendy: I have been out of the loop for 2 months.Just finished up Jury Duty and have been on call for 2 months.I am way behind in my quilting.I love everything that you have been working on.Have a great weekend.

  2. That quilt is so-o-o-o-o pretty…………a sort of last ‘whisper of summer’ (sigh). This season has been moving along without any serious issues (flooding, storms, etc) and has whisked by quite gently. I know it’s not over yet, but the corn is tasseled, the oats harvested and the ‘beans’ are coming along nicely. If I could just “freeze-frame” today!!!!!!! Hugs…………………. (working on some ‘secret’/b’day type projects at the moment, so no posts for a while!)

  3. Love the photo of Miss Baby with the horse and rider who looks like a perfect gentleman! 3 weeks till school!! Yikes. Looking forward to seeing that quilt in all it’s glory…

  4. Well, I am sad to see the kiddies go back to school, but I am sincerely sick of summuh :-P
    I love this quilt picture. What pretty happy fabrics
    My sister used to be in the Army, long time ago. I was in nursing school and she would come and stay with me for a week-end and bring all of her boots and stuff, and brass and tell me everything they had to do.
    (this was 30 years ago by the way) Oh my, I would have been thrown in Army prison. So much cleaning and polishing. I just would not be perfect.
    I adore these wonderful photos of our beloved military. They must be honored. They stand for everything that is truly good and courageous in our country.
    What a great shot of Missie Baby and the house wow

  5. Looks pretty! I can hardly wait to see the whole quilt! Although our temps here in Arizona are still well into the triple digits, our kiddos have all started back to school here. August is my least favorite month. I wish the kids would start after the traditional Labor Day so we could leave town and head to the mountains which are only 2 hours away.

  6. You made a memory for sure when Miss Baby met Peter the horse and the rider!! Those are the things you remember forever!!

    Love the new quilt also. Am waiting with great anticipation for the reveal of the new sewing machine!! Could we also get a tiny peak of it in your sewing room?

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