A little celebratory piece of news!

Hello Friends, this is going to be a super quick post…. the following image, captured from my publisher’s blog, is self-explanatory!! :)


Thank you, Friends, for your never ending encouragement!  My heart is full!  The recognitions are yours too… and my sincere gratitude to my God and my little family.

Click here to read about the book if you are new to Ivory Spring.

So, what are your thoughts on the place of antique quilts in today’s world of quilting?  I am curious.

Thank you for stopping by.  I shall catch up with you later!

23 thoughts on “A little celebratory piece of news!

  1. Congratulations, Wendy!!! I’m so proud for you. I love the look of antique quilts, but really appreciate using modern methods to reproduce the look.

  2. Congratulations to a very special quilt designer!! I absolutely love your “Recreating Antique Quilts” book. My favorites quilts are the traditional/antique ones. You have given them new life with an updated twist in your book. Thanks for your continued inspiration, Wendy.

  3. My favourite quilts are the old fashioned – antique quilts. I can hardly wait to get you book. How do I do that.

  4. Congratulations…no surprise here though… :) My thoughts are the place of antique quilts in today’s society? I think we have alot to learn in the West concerning the value of our elderly (could it be because I am getting older????). I’ve always been impressed with Eastern cultures care and respect of their older generation. To me, quilts are like people, individual, each with it’s own particular beauty and place: things to be revered. New quilters can learn alot from old quilts; vintage quilts inspire creativity; as pieces of our past–our family’s past—some family’s past—they represent our history.

  5. I *really* like many traditional quilts. I like many contemporary quilts, too, and while I won’t be the one making them, there are definitely some art quilts I’ve oohh’d & aah’d over. But, bottom line, the traditional quilts are my favorites. Shh, please don’t tell the contemporary & art quilts…I don’t want to hurt their feelings!

  6. Oh Wendy, how wonderful for you. Your talents, time, and eye for beauty has been rewarded. Traditional quilts are indeed, a beauty to behold, and recreating those looks with updated fabric hopefully brings delight to many. I cherish my signed copy of “Recreating Antique Quilts”. Blessings.

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