APQ Calendar Girl for August 2015: Migration

Happy August, Dear Friends!  Time flies when one is busy, doesn’t it?  I feel like this year has gone by so fast.


The “August” page of the American Patchwork & Quilting 2015 quilt features my Migration quilt. Click here for more pictures of the quilt.







I hope you have had a great start to your week — I am finishing up a quilt to ship to the editor today and tomorrow!

How many quilts have you completed thus far for this year?  So, I was doing a quick mental count.  I think I have turned in at least 25 quilts this year for editorial/publish purposes…. which is why I have to fly off again…. for now.

p.s.  THANKS so much for commenting on my Machine Musings post – you kept me busy reading your comments. Love them all!  A quick update on that new machine… I haven’t turned it on just yet.  I am about done reading through the manual.  More about manual reading in another post. :)

5 thoughts on “APQ Calendar Girl for August 2015: Migration

  1. Hahaha! I had to show this to my husband of 43 years! I always read a manual before I try to use—anything! He–on the other hand—typical man that he is—-will turn something on and jump right in to use it….that is, if he can find the “on” switch. lol….And he says I’M THE WEIRD ONE! So I just proved to him that I am not alone in thinking the more one knows about something the better we can use it. BTW, I just have to share this—I’m tickled pink. When I first found your site I devoured everything in the archives. I just loved the Ladybugs in Polka Dotville quiltalong you had back in 2010. Well I just found an original kit from the Fat Quarter Shop on ebay! It came yesterday—and my newest granddaughter, Ellie, 7 months old…will be getting this bright, polka-dotty quilt! Have you thought about ANOTHER?????(please please please) quilt along?

  2. Love your calendar quilt!! Baby steps to using the new machine; I know the feeling. My husband gets frustrated that I don’t just “jump right in.” How many projects…….? Think I can count them on one hand. I hope to be a bit more prolific in the coming months, but never have I completed 25 in one year…….. WOW!!!

  3. Very cool! Wow, 25 quilts already this year!

    I haven’t answered the sewing machine question because I need to go look and see what it is. :-) My husband got it for me earlier this year when Amazon had it on sale. I am a little intimidated by it yet, but I am sure that will go away with use. I do know it is a SInger. It threads differently than my faithful little Sears Kenmore that I have had for 30 years, and I don’t like that, but, again, I am sure I’ll get used to it.

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