Preview of Upcoming Project & Life

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope your week got off a stupendous start!  Here is a quick preview of a project I completed over the weekend.  For this particular view of the project, I call it convergence


Indeed, convergence seems to describe my life today!  I was out shipping the project to the editor at the Post Office. The Post Office was so crowded that I felt like the entire population of the city in which I live converged at that particular moment at the Post Office.  Then, I was at the gas station where there were at least 3-4 cars converging at each of the 12 bays.  And then…. the traffic, I honestly didn’t quite know from where all the cars had come!  I ran three simple and little errands only about 5 miles from where I live, and it took 2 hours!  I tell you…. city life!  I love where I live, 99.999% of the time.  But today on the way home, I longed for a retreat to the country where traffic jam is considered as having 5 cars on the road at the same time!

I also have deadlines converging on me this week.  So, I thought perhaps the “convergence” theme was quilted over the weekend as a foreshadowing of my life this week… ha!

Please don’t read that as me complaining about life.  I really have nothing to complain about. Life is just… life!  And I am reminded that God’s grace is always sufficient for whatever life circumstances in which He places me.

Have a great week, Dear Friends!  I hope you are all well, healthy and still enjoying your summer.

p.s.  THANK YOU for entering my Color & Count giveaway.  I read every single comment that you have left.  There is still time to win some cute fabrics!


10 thoughts on “Preview of Upcoming Project & Life

  1. Speaking of country..we went to a wedding in the country and I mean country Oh my gosh there was nothing around for miles. The wedding was in a country church about 130 people squeezed in the church. Then to the couples farm they have 200 acres and family owned for 99 years. We all drove down a path to the river and had the reception.. A large BBQ only to have the rain come down just as they were serving the ribs I managed to find a spot in the gazebo with a few couples. Met a wonderful farmer and his wife. Dear sweet people. But I am truly a city gal lol. Was a great weekend but happy to be in the city. I just wish we had more time to visit the farmer that we met. There teenager has never texted she was a sweet gal who baked all the little cakes for the wedding. And she was only 17. Just amazing how our spirits connected.
    Hugs Bunny

  2. Our little (pop. 997) town had it’s annual event this past weekend and the number of people (claim 7,000+) was crazy!!!!! Love our little country home!! “Convergence” is perfect and you have definitely dipped your toes in the “Mod” waters!!!!! LOL!!!!! Nicely done!! Hugs……SSAB

  3. This time of year seems to get so full of road works and people who aren’t the typical drivers on the roads we are used to…very frustrating times on the road. Hope all converges well for you!

  4. Your convergence quilting is so cool–a little different from your swirls and vines. I love living on a dead end road in the middle of nowhere.

  5. I love the colours and the quilting….once again gorgeous. It is interesting to see a different side of you quilting. I sometimes wonder where the heck all these people and cars come from.

  6. Your lines are so straight on your Convergence quilt…are you using rulers with you machine quilting? Looks like a beautiful quilt.

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