… to Rogers Sewing Center in Rogers, Arkansas!

So, I was out all day, driving myself to a rather unfamiliar area to me.  After wading through the rather frantic Friday traffic…. I got home and talked on the phone to two of my very favorite people – Dan and Rhonda of Rogers Sewing Center!  I heard the news that they had won the 2015 District Dealer of the Year Award (absolutely well deserved!).  I am SO very proud of my friends, well, more like my family, because they are my sewing family!


My heart is full as I think back on the love they have given me all these years.  If you sew or quilt and live in the area, there is no better place than Rogers Sewing Center for support, encouragement, and friendship.  I know because I have personally experienced the support, encouragement and friendship from the Rogers Sewing Center team. They have been crucial in my quilting adventures…

Would you pretty please do me a huge favor, and go to Rogers Sewing Center’s Facebook page (click here) and leave them a congratulatory note?

Thanks so much, and have a great weekend!!

Congrats again, Rogers Sewing Center — I miss you all!

p.s.  My Fanciful quilt is on display currently at Rogers Sewing Center – I spotted it on RSC’s Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations…

  1. I have the great pleasure of living in Rogers and going to Rogers Sewing Center often for encouragement, instruction, many good laughs and the best customer service ever! We all love you, Wendy! I join you in Congrats to Rogers Sewing Center they are the best!

  2. what a wonderful friend you are!!! You and all our other friends who shop and support us at the sewing center are the reason we do the things we you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

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