Joy of Needle and Thread: Part 8

Miss Baby:  Mom, do you know what I would do if I were retired?

Me:  Tell me.

Miss Baby: I would just stitch and read my Laura books (i.e.  Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series) all day!


The above conversation took place a couple of days ago.  While I am busy working on things that aren’t share-worthy yet, what I can share with you is a sneak peek of Miss Baby’s current stitching project.  The pattern is Angels from Country Cottage Needleworks.  You can click on the link to see what the finished ornament looks like.


Earlier today while stitching at a coffee shop with me, Miss Baby also toyed with the idea of stitching up ornaments for sale… that way she can save the proceeds for retirement.  I am not quite sure why retirement is at the forefront of a 6 year old’s mind… I guess I am still getting a hang of this parenting thing!

Thanks for stopping by – I have GOT to run and meet some non-negotiable deadlines, but I am hoping I will get to share with you a magazine quilt by this weekend.


If you are new on Ivory Spring, you may click herehereherehere, here, here, and here to catch up on my daughter’s needle and thread adventures.

16 thoughts on “Joy of Needle and Thread: Part 8

  1. I totally love Miss Baby. You are an awesome parent. And saving for retirement should start young, although maybe not before first grade. She’s a smart cookie. Maybe she’s saving for your retirement?? lol And I love the angel, too.

  2. I love Miss Baby’s ideas for her retirement! I too grew up on the Laura books, and loved hearing and reading of Laura’s life. Have you visited Laura’s Historic House and Museam in Mansfield, Missouri? I enjoy reading your Ivory Spring emails! HUGS! Barb Hanes

    ivoryspring posted: “Miss Baby: Mom, do you know what I would do if I were retired?

    Me: Tell me.

    Miss Baby: I would just stitch and read my Laura books (i.e. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series) all day!


    The above conversation took place a couple of “

  3. Obviously the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I do have to agree with her though, stitching or quilting and reading all day sounds great, now if only I had a housekeeper Lol.

  4. Well whatever put the thought of retirement in her little mind, she has a good outlook on it as far as saving her money! And you must be very proud of her stitching. My daughter is 29 and just beginning to take an interest in sewing and that excites me as much as her first step!

  5. Adorable ornaments! Love the Snow Love. But I’m partial to snowmen. LOL Great job Miss Baby. But a little young to be thinking of retirement. LOL

  6. Miss Baby’s stitching is getting better and better! I love that she’s already thinking of saving for retirement. Have a feeling that Freedom 55 isn’t in her thinking though — perhaps it’s Freedom 35? :-)

    I love these posts. They make me grin from ear to ear.


  7. Retirement……..oh my!! Learning to stitch at an early age will give her something fun and productive to do during her retirement years. Miss Baby has a very ambitious project that she is completing so beautifully, stitch by stitch. She is definitely a very special little gal, a very deep thinker. I bet that she is very well organized as well. Her stitching brings back memories of my first project when I was four-five. It was a stamped cross stitch of Little Miss Muffet. I can still picture it.

  8. Miss Baby is enjoying the same books I so enjoyed in my primary years in school! I need to pull those books out and re-read them. That’s great that she is enjoying stitching, too. Retirement…who has she learned that from LOL!

  9. She has great taste in reading materials – those were my children’s favorite book series while growing up – and my favorites to read aloud at bedtime. I just ordered the complete set for my seven-year old grandson’s birthday. Let her know from me that retirement is a great gig, she’ll have even more time for stitching!

  10. Loved all the “Little House” books when I was growing up. Glad to hear that she has discovered them. I am not sure about the TV stations in your area, but it seems that every time I turn on the evening news there are retirement commercials!!!

  11. “out of the mouth of babies…”–in this case, Miss Baby. Their little minds work in mysterious ways. Thank you for sharing that one! I have been putting up corn for the freezer and got behind in my blog reading. The Sherbet quilt is luscious! I never met a sherbet I didn’t like… yum! And, speaking of magazine quilts, my McCall’s came today… Twilight Trellis is so soft and lovely! I’m going to have to see what I have in my stash that I can work with for it. Thank you!

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