TextMe Fabric Bundle Giveaway WINNER & More

Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by again!  I hope you are all well.  I want to thank you for playing along in my TextMe Fabric Bundle giveaway!  It was so fun for me to read about your texting habits/preferences.  Yes, I did read every single comment.



Congrats to Maggielou for being winner (#88)!!  An email is sent to you, Maggielou, asking for your mailing address. Maggielou’s comment made me laugh!


Like I had mentioned in the giveaway post, Fabric Shack carries the fabrics.  I am not affiliated with Fabric Shacks, except to say that I had bought fabrics from them in the past, and am happy with their service.


Now, if you are curious who else is carrying the fabrics, go to Windham Fabrics’ website and click here.  They actually have information on specific shops carrying the specific fabric skus — which is a really cool feature, I thought — because sometimes shops may decide for whatever reasons to only carry certain fabrics from a fabric line.

windham website

Meanwhile, I am playing with these fabrics for an upcoming quilt…. stay tune for details!


Have a lovely rest of of your day, Friends – I will be back tomorrow to chat again!

p.s. Back to the very important subject of texting — I only text occasionally with very few people, and not on a smartphone. My friends think I live under a rock. However the screen of my archaic phone is starting to misbehave and flicker. So I might have no choice but to get out underneath my comfortable rock…. I will keep you apprised of this potentially momentous development! :)

10 thoughts on “TextMe Fabric Bundle Giveaway WINNER & More

  1. congratulations to maggielou. Enjoy that fabric!
    I love the colors of this new pile. Very bright and happy

    I text my daughters. That is it. I do not use the short cuts either …. except: bc which means because “lol”

  2. Have fun with your new “texting” fabrics, Maggielou.
    Colors of your new stack of fabrics are luscious!! Wow!! I’m anxious to see what you create. Oh dear, possibly going over to the other side…….tread carefully.

  3. Wendy, you are not the only one under a rock. My phone is 3 years old and people sometimes look at like it is from the ice age.

  4. Wendy, I can’t wait to see what you create with those luscious new fabrics. As far as the texting goes, I’m a real dinosar, I don’t even have a cellphone!
    Although I’m thinking about it because I want want to be able to take photos and post to the internet. I just can’t figure out what to get and I hate the expense of the phone charges. I’d rather but fabric.

  5. Woo hoo for Maggielou! She’s going to have fun using those fabrics. Maybe some gift phone cases for her texting kids! Can’t wait to see what you do with the new fabrics, they look yummy — like summertime sherbets or gelato!

  6. I really learned a lot because of this. Have they attempted to contact other experts that are knowledgeable about this subject ? Up until right this very moment I’ve had a very different way of seeing this stuff. It’s a real shame you do not have a donation button! We just can not say thanks enough times for what you have done here.

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