Fabric Giveaway – TALK to me…

…. or just TEXT me!


Check out this really fun group #TEXTME from Windham Fabrics!  These fabrics are shipping to your local quilt stores right now!  Keep your eyes peeled for them!!!  I just saw that Fabric Shack is carrying the fabrics – you may purchase the fabrics here.



These USB cords are used in the “stripe” fabric — what an absolutely brilliant idea!


Click here to view all the fabrics in the group, and don’t forget to check out the very cool free projects (with instructions) offered!!

Thank you to Windham Fabrics for offering the giveaway of a FQ bundle of #TEXTME to any US/Canada addresses. This is just a bit o’ fun!  Leave a comment here between NOW and and July 8, 2015, and tell me if you can survive your daily life without texting, or how long a stint you would go without checking your texts or texting! :)  And then text your friends and tell them about the giveaway….

Thank you for stopping by, Dear Friends!  I am doing a lot of computer work lately – your comments/emails have helped me stay awake and keep focused. :)  Have a lovely rest of your day.

136 thoughts on “Fabric Giveaway – TALK to me…

  1. Such a fun collection of fabrics! Most likely you will laugh, but I can never remember how to text or how to check on them. So when someone texts, my husband handles all of that! My mother laughs at me because she can text and I can not. LOL at myself! Thanks for having this wonderful give away opportunity! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Don’t text much just our adult kids and granddaughter but it’s fun and easy. I think maybe the fabric would be good for Mug Rugs lol

  3. I can live without texting, but do not take away my Instagram. This collection is great, I can see making something for my cousin Pete, he’s the best tech guy in the family and loves quilts and pillows!

  4. I rarely text, so could go for weeks without texting. Texting does make it easier to get in touch with busy family, though.

  5. What fun fabric! I could easily live without texting, but I do like the convenience of it – especially when I want to send someone a message without waking them up. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. I don’t use texting, but my daughter does and this would make a great tote and thing tucked into it for her – just so cool.

  7. Those are adorable! I have some friends who only text! I want them to pick up the phone sometimes. Our texts can get pretty long, lol.

  8. I don’t text very often, but I do love group texting, when trying to arrange a date with a group of friends.

  9. perfect – 50 years in the computer business. am on the computer at least 3hours a day texting, emailing and web surfing. Got to have some of this fabric and do something fun with these. Especially like the usb connectors – can use to go from block to block of the other fabrics COOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  10. LOVE these fabrics!!! And, I couldn’t get along without texting . . . not even for one day!

  11. I think I could live without texting. No, wait a minute! I couldn’t! It’s a great way to stay in touch with some people who rely on texting to communicate.
    Those are fabulous fun fabrics!

  12. What cute fabric…Not only do I need to sew another usb cord organizer, but the fabric would be perfect as a gift….

  13. HELLO, love Windham Fabrics! Thanks for a neat giveaway! I “need” to check texts twice a day (I’m trying to do better !) Happy summer to you!

  14. if they would only make the Buttons larger so I don’t misspell words ..but with all the Text lingo its almost like Reading Short hand… LOL I don’t text much because I would rather Talk to them using my Voice.! ! what a different fabric Group with all the words etc…Would be great to use for my Grandsons…

  15. I have already survived without any texting so I guess I can continue that way! LOL It seems rather pointless as opposed to calling. :-)

  16. I love this fabric!!! However I NEVER text. It annoyes me beyond words when you are with a group of “friends”? and someone is constantly on the phone texting or talking. It says to me that your presents is not valued and everyone else and/or thing is more important that you are. We won’t talk about the negative effect that it has had on the written word. Try correcting a term paper at the High School or University level!!!!! This fabric would be great as a “black and white” quilt though.
    Happy Canada Day to all fellow Canadians and Happy Fourth of July to our southern neighbours. And congratulations on the soccer win last night – good luck in the final game.
    TTFN Betsey

  17. Cute fabric! I can’t go a day without texting! 😊 I love being able to keep in touch with my kids and friends. This would make great pouches to keep my chargers in for traveling. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. i live for texting….you see i have grandchildren that live far away, so i keep up on daily happenings and phot sharing. what a god send. i often wonder what i would have shared with my grandparents if this technology existed back in the ’50s. i have one grandchild in the local area…and not a day goes by that we aren’t chatting about soething. planning things to do or places to go. i even get the low down on how her school day is going when she is at lunch. i could never give texting now that it gives me so much.

  19. Love the text me fabric. The thing I like about texting is that I can text a short message rather than call. When my husband is at the store, I can text him and tell him something I need for him to get. I tend to get chatty on the phone, so a brief text can let my friends know I was thinking of them. Not sure if my address goes here or not for the free FQ bundle. Just in case: Virginia Perry; 11512 Nassau Drive, Knoxville, TN 37934. Love the ones with the USB cables. Great for my computer guru sons and son-in-laws.

    Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2015 18:42:07 +0000 To: vpp123@hotmail.com

  20. Cute fabric. I thought of making something for my 15 year old granddaughter right away. Personally, texting is nice, saves time from a phone call when you’re busy. My 90 year old mother in law even texts! Maybe I should make her something as well😊

  21. How cute is this!?! Would love to make a throw with these for my granddaughter! :) To tell you the truth, it drives me crazy when my kids come to dinner on Sundays and have their nose stuck to their phone. I usually only text when I am running low on minutes. :)

  22. My data plan is archaic, phone is covered but not text. Needless to say, I don’t text much at all. That fabric is fun. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. I could survive just fine without texting. Though it is handy at times, it is not essential for me. This group of fabrics looks very fun!

  24. These are very cute! Can’t do without texting because that is mostly how I communicate with my college kids!

  25. I just recently got texting. We had it before but had to quit it when one of the kids was caught texting during school hours. I never used it before but find that it can be helpful for getting small bits of info quickly but there is nothing better than a good conversation. Nice fabric collection.

  26. At 68 years old, started learning to quilt. Can’t live without it. Last December, at 73 years old, got my first smartphone. Vowed to never text! Well, that went quickly by the wayside. Love my texting! Technology is wonderful. We were able to SEE and speak with our niece while she was in Nicarauga on a mission trip last week. So, yeah, like quilting, I enjoy texting every day and really hope I can continue doing them for many days to come! Love you, Wendy, you’ve been such an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  27. Yes, I can go a day without texting. Actually, I am not much of a talker so I would rather text than talk. I mostly text my kids and one friend. (I probably couldn’t go a day with out my computer though!}

  28. I can and do text but prefer to talk. There’s just too much that can’t be conveyed in texting and too much that can be misinterpreted. But I love these fabrics and would love to win! Please!

  29. I am in TOTAL LOVE with this fabric!!!! My phone is on all the time…..while quilting I stream “Pandora” music so I get the “alert” for any incoming message!!!! sigh………. yes, I’m “hooked”!!!!

  30. What fun fabrics! I’m not all that ‘connected’ so I could go days without checking my phone, and by then it is usually out of juice! Thanks for the chance to make some fun things with this darling fabric!


  31. Texting is the only way I can keep in touch with my nieces and nephews! Gotta meet the younger generation where they are :-)

  32. I am just learning to text and don’t do it very much. I go days without checking it. It has come in handy, though, when I can’t find my hubby at the mall. I can just text him and he tells me where he is!

  33. OMG! I have the perfect person to make a quilt or something for them with this fabric!!!

  34. This fabric is awesome!! I’m happy I can text with my daughter who just had a baby. It’s much easier to keep in touch via text since there’s no constant phone holding involved. She can text me and easily take care of the baby at the same time, AND she can send me pictures, which I CANNOT survive without! :)

  35. I message back and forth with a friend everyday through Facebook.
    Our communication depends upon it and it improves privacy when her husband is in a grouchy mood. I don’t want to go without it.
    These fabrics are a great idea for tablet covers or their holders. I’d love to get my hands on them if they weren’t so expensive.

  36. Love the fabric and thanks to you, Wendy and Windham Fabrics for the opportunity to win some. I keep in touch with my adult married kids, their spouses and 5 grandkids mostly by text. It’s so convenient to let them know I’m thinking about them. If I have a question they can answer when it suits them instead of interrupting them if their busy.

  37. I could live without texting daily – but I have to admit it is the easiest way to keep in touch with my kids. Love this fabric line.

  38. I don’t really HAVE to text everyday…but it sure is convenient! Love this “techy” fabric!

  39. My grand daughter sends me a text everyday with a cute picture my great grandson. I call it my daily smile. I gotta make a purse with this material! Love it!

  40. Those fabrics are too cute–my granddaughter would love to make a quilt from them. I think she would probably make it for her brother who spends a lot of time texting and gaming. When she doesn’t get to come stay with me, she texts me several times a day. We talk about quilts and what she will be making when she returns to the farm. I spend too much time texting and checking e-mails and blogs, but it’s my only communication with friends since I live out in the country.

  41. Fabrics are way too cute. No, I am not a “texter.” I do keep in touch with my family and grandkids via iMessage, email, or even telephone. Those methods seem to work for us.

  42. I text all the time. Keeps the family in touch across the world, across the country, and across town. Not sure how to live with out it these days. :-)

  43. I love the fabric. I text my children daily. One lives in Montana, the other in Washington. Thank goodness for texting, it keeps us in touch. Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. I mainly text to keep in touch with my children. They’re all over the place and it’s easy to just shoot them a message.

  45. The fabrics are adorable….my youngest (who is 25 and glued to her phone) would love something made from them. It’s funny—I would have thought I couldn’t live without texting my daughters each day…but I lost my phone earlier this month for almost 3 weeks. It was actually kind of liberating NOT to have it….of course I drove my 3 girls crazy!

  46. Personally, I like texting, because it saves time rather than a phone call when you’re busy. Quick and easy, especially if I win and learn all of those acronyms.

  47. I love this fabric, would be such a great help for this Grammie….might make me tech savvy!
    I could look at the fabrics for help in texting my kids!

  48. We have no cell service in the mountains where we live, so I never text. Because of being charged for texts that pop up when I go to town from people I don’t know, I actually had incoming texts blocked on my phone. I get by great without sending or receiving texts.

  49. That is such cool fabric!!!
    It would be nice to “deleash” from electronics for a bit – just saying!

  50. Photos of my granddaughter that my daughter texts are a necessity. Otherwise, texting is simply a convenience. The fabric line is very cute.

  51. What fun fabric! I don’t text a lot but it has become a real convenience at times. thanks

  52. I really like the new “text” fabric. As for texting, I never do it. I don’t carry my cell phone with me at home. My friends know to call or email if they need me. I’d love to win!

  53. I need to buy this set for my daughter. She’s an addict. I don’t text so no problem for me. I save my arthritic hands for sewing! Love your patterns!

  54. Oh my gosh, those fabrics are so cute!!! I text every day between communicating with my kids and friends, but definitely no texting while driving or watching movies. I can easily go hours without texting. Days? No way.

  55. I am just getting into texting because of my grandson. We used to email a lot and now we text! The fabrics are very unique!

  56. I probably could live without texting but it seems easier than talking on the phone.

  57. I couldn’t LIVE without texting! Our son is very rarely home between work and his social life. The main way we connect throughout the day is via text. Plus, he is really good about texting me when he is delayed coming home so I don’t worry! I am SO thankful for texting! Thanks for the chance to win this incredible fabric!

  58. I don’t text, really don’t like to–guess that shows my age! I still an email type of person.:-) But, everyone in my family texts, so I would really like to make something from that great material.

  59. I do not text much. But my husband and I use texting to communicate to each other when one of us is traveling. We just say something like “just left salida” to put a time stamp on where we are and when we might get home.

  60. I am new to texting and don’t use it that often but I do have friends who are heavy texters! I use it mainly to let friends or family know something important. It sure beats email if you need them to know something right away!

  61. Texting is the way I keep up with children “strewn” all over the country and working crazy hours. And some of them are due for a new quilt. These fabrics are cute!

  62. Great fabrics… I don’t text very much but it is a way to keep in touch with my grandchildren. they never seem to answer their phone!!!

  63. Texting is a quick way to send/receive a message without taking up a lot of my time. Who would have imagined our life today?

  64. I am so old school that I could probably go for a week without texting. I’m much more likely to pick up the phone and call to talk to someone. Cute fabrics though!

  65. Texting is all my children know. They forgot how to call on the phone.LOL This fabric is great

  66. Texting is pretty much a standard… kids, grandkids… feels pretty good to be able to actually keep up with all of my young ones… :)

  67. I don’t like to text, but it seems to be the way of communicating. I would love to not have a cell phone at all some days, but have to for work. I work completely online and with online students. They love to text me!
    Anyways, these fabrics are super cute!

  68. I rarely go a day without texting. I find it an easy way to pass on just a tidbit of info without getting into a long conversation. It’s also an easy way to send my mom a picture of what I’m working on.

  69. I definitely use my phone too much, but if i leave it at home for a day I’m fine without it. the main reason I would miss my phone for a day or two is the camera! i like to document things.

    i like when giveaways ask an interesting question. thanks for the chance to win!

  70. This fabric line is great! When texting first became available I thought – I don’t need this, I’ll just call! But I love it! Can be short and to the point or long explanation . Never while driving and it’s rude to play with your phone while with friends or in church. But love texting- pictures and info from my family.

  71. Texting is great for keeping up with the grandson-love to get pics texted to me!
    Those fabrics are awesome-would be great to use them to make covers for ebook readers, ipads and such!

  72. Texting is the way I communicate with my son and daughter… Especially since one lives quite a distance away!!!
    Love this fun collection… Would make for a cute quilt!!

  73. I really love the fabric, however I don’t text much. I can text (I know how), I just prefer not to. I would rather talk to someone. Have a great day!

  74. A life without texting is like a day without chocolate! Not possible to do! I’m currently on a texting diet because we went a bit overboard on our cellular data usage this month. Feeling the effects of withdrawal. LOL 😎

  75. Actually I do not text. A lot of the time my phone isn’t even on, that irritates my kids. I would use the fabrics to make pouches to hold the charging devices for my girls.

  76. I love texting but could go several days without out it if necessary. Thanks for the giveaway.

  77. I could definitely live without texting…but keeps me in touch with the Daughter in NC (I am in OH)….& the other Kiddo’s too! :) So know I would miss the daily notes (texts) :) These fabrics are soooo fun! Thanks for chance to win! :)

  78. I text fairly often. It’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends!! Absolutely love those fabrics!

  79. Super cute fabric. Texting, it’s almost the only way to communicate nowadays. To actually talk to someone on a phone is a novelty! Can I go a day without texting….. maybe.. probably not.

  80. I’ve come to rely so much on texting, I think I would admittedly be lost without it! It’s been a great way to keep in touch with family who lives away. Love these adorable fabrics too! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  81. Texting isn’t a big part of my life. It goes in spurts and many days I get no texts….sob! I do love this fabric and I hope I don’t have to go a day without it!

  82. I love this fabric. I built my own computer so I find that USB cable fabric super adorable. I talk on the phone more than I text, but I don’t think I could live without text. I like that I can ask someone a quick question and don’t have to stop what I am doing to have a 20 minute conversation.

  83. My preference is still phone calls, texts suffice tho for a quick answer to a ?. I could do 3-4 days w/o texting …haha we’ll see. Thanks for sharing…I love the free project tutorials too:)

  84. I’m more of an email person than a text-er, but this fabric would make a great mug rug-

  85. I could survive without texting for a day. Sometimes it is kind of nice to unplug and just be. :)

    Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  86. I stumbled across this giveaway looking for a pattern to make a pouch to hold all my chargers & cables, and I LOVE this fabric. I text daily. A big part of my job involves the guys in the field texting info to me, so I’d be LOST without it. Plus, tracking two teens with ever-changing schedules involves a lot of texting. Thanks for the great giveaway and for introducing me to this wicked awesome fabric.

  87. I could live a day without texting. I don’t get that many anyway, and I could just make a phone call if I really needed to. Awesome giveaway! gtg Kathy

  88. Well, as a mother of young men, texting is the primary way we communicate, so I wouldn’t be without out for a day! Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  89. A great set of fabrics Wendy, thanks for a chance to win them! There was a time when I could leave my cell phone on my nightstand most of the day and not miss it — but not now! I’d rather text than call if possible and DH and I communicate all day that way.

  90. I don’t do a lot of texting but I do love the fabrics! As long as I could make phone calls I could go a very long time without texting.

  91. Just left a week long cruise and had very little cellular and wifi service. Thought it would be harder to do without than it was. Boy, now to go back to the rat race.

  92. I am not entering and posting a comment for the chance at winning, I just wanted to say that these are really nice and funky fabrics. :)

  93. I could probably go for days without texting but it’s a way for the kids to check up on me since I live alone without really have to phone me. That way they can just do it in the “between” times on their jobs.

  94. I have grown children and fellow workers that are younger than me….and they all tease me about being text-allergic! ha ha… I do KNOW how to text…let’s be clear! BUT….I would rather talk to the people sitting with me at a table, so much so that I’ve banned cell phones from the dinner table. One day I’ll catch up…but for now, I love talking too much!

  95. What perfect timing for this question! My 12 yr. old desktop finally died a week ago, and I’ve been surviving by texting and checking email by phone! Now I’m spending today trying to get familiar with a totally new system, keyboard, etc. Still haven’t figured out my audio connection yet! Steep learning curve here!

  96. Most of my texts are from my far-away adult children so I usually answer them as soon as I see them. They keep me up-to-date on tech stuff. :)

  97. I like to have a happy balance…..I would rather hear my husbands voice so I call him…but when I need to tell the kids to do something I text…then they cant argue about it!!! I could make my girls little quilted baskets to put on their dressers for their phones at night with this fabric!!!!

  98. What fun fabrics! I’d love to make something for my daughter with them, she texts constantly! I text as needed, while shopping or just to check in with said daughter….

  99. Texting, a quick way to keep in touch, an easy way to keep track of dates, times, locations without adding to a calendar. Easy way to let someone know that you are thinking of them.

  100. I text everyday! It’s the best and easiest way to stay in touch with my younguns. Many of my friends still work, so it’s easier for them to send me back a quick text than to give me a call.

  101. I prefer talking to texting but I still love the fabric and giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

  102. Wonderful fabrics! Text to stay in touch with family and sometimes friends. Can go days without thinking about it.

  103. What an awesome collection! I could live without texting, but it certainly is a nice convenience that I’ve gotten used to. Such a great way to stay connected. Thanks for this give away opportunity.

  104. I would L♥ve to win this bundle! I am 56 and my family will sometimes hide my phone to see me fall into a frantic mess!

  105. I actually HATE texting so I can do without it….but I do like getting the “I wubadub you” texts my hubby sends me and I will send him one back in return….but we don’t do that every day… we say it in person or on FB multiple times tho! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol.com

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