Quilty happiness is…

…. getting my Aurifil thread spools in the mail!  Receiving threads in the mail is one  of the highlights for me!!!  Those spools of colors are like candies – only without calories! :)  I debut my Thread Talk series with a post on threads.  Click here to read about my thoughts on Aurifil threads.


So, what is your quilty happiness this week?  Curious mind dearly wants to know…

Thanks for stopping by, Friends!  I hope you have a lovely rest of your week.

21 thoughts on “Quilty happiness is…

  1. One of these days I guess I should try and get some neutral Aurifil thread LOL. Never seem to see it in stores guess have to order it on line. Looks yummy. Have fun.

  2. cute colors. I also have not used this thread.
    One day I will get some and try it.
    Okay, quilty happiness? …I am still piecing…. and also embroidering a quilt label for Sarah’s little quilt that is done, it just needs binding.
    Happy last day of June, wendy

  3. I love Aurifil! I’m lucky that my favorite shop carries it, in basic colors, and another shop, about 1 hr away, carries the 40wt for when I make clothes. My quality happiness this week is that I’m going to the Kutztown Folk Festival. They have a whole room of quilts! I can’t wait to see them. And I want to watch the glass blower, and hopefully get something he made.

  4. My quilty happiness is finishing Old Glory today, with the exception of the quilted wavy lines on the stripes which I will do ASAP and in time for the fourth of July. It’s all cut from a tumbler shape and with strips cut at four and a half inches, it turned out to be a rather large flag at 45 inches across. :-) Just looking at it makes me happy!

  5. I love Aurfil thread. It’s like Christmas when I’ve placed an order and it comes in. I stand them all up and just stare at them first and then batch them into colour family’s. I usually don’t put them away for a day so I can just look at them, my husband thinks I’m crazy.

  6. I need your take on this thread. It seems to be everywhere. What am I missing? Ellen

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  7. I love Aurifil thread, and so does my machine. In fact I am pretty much using nothing else now, and once the last of my ‘other’ threads are gone, it’s nothing but Aurifil. Unfortunately though your link to “Thread Talk’ and the link to your thoughts on Aurifil don’t work for me. Hopefully it can be fixed because I’d love to read it.

  8. Lucky you!! A big box of brand new Aurifil threads, all beautiful colors. I remember that same feeling as a kid when I got a brand new box of beautiful new crayons. What a happy day. Fun is having my granddaughter spend the night. We will continue our close game of “Nashvilleopoly” tomorrow.

  9. Thanks to you, Wendy, I’m using more Aurifil thread. I also love quilting with 100 wt. silk. We just completed Quilt Shop Hop here on Sunday, so I’ve been busy washing and folding my fabric, getting ready for some serious ironing time.

  10. A box of threads is waaaay better than candy. They are not only beautiful, but they are so useful. It’s like that new box of crayons when you were a young school girl!!! Hmmmm….maybe they should scent them so they would smell too.

  11. I really must get some better quality thread. My new Pfaff does not like Guterman. My quilty happiness is suddenly finding 2 or 3 fabrics that really work together. Even better if I can think of something to make!!

  12. Those boxes of threads are way better than boxes of chocolates… that’s really saying something, because I’m a chocoholic. Happiness without the calories–the best!!! I have just recently been able to order Aurifil threads and fell in love… whatever will I use with the rest of my thread stash??? Those colors are dreamy; so far I have only neutrals. I can be happy just looking a those!

  13. That gorgeous orange variegated in your picture is definitely yummy! My quilty happiness this holiday was sitting with my 8 yr. old granddaughter at the dining room table and watching as she made herself an apron from a cute owl tea towel and some ribbon! All her from start to finish with Memaw teaching her which buttons to push to lock her stitches, needle up/down, etc.! Kept her attention long enough to make one for here and one to take home!

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