VERMONT QUILT FESTIVAL: Christine’s Movement in Squares

Hello Friends, Christine made my day yesterday when she sent me this picture of her Movement in Squares quilt in Vermont Quilt Festival 2015!  Movement in Squares won Benartex’s 2014 Fan Favorite, and I am happy to hear that many have enjoyed that pattern.  I love how Christine quilted her quilt with an “interlocking” motif!  Congratulations, Christine… and thank you for sharing your quilt with us!


Information on downloading pattern instructions is found here.

Thank you, Friends, for stopping by.  I hope you week got off a stupendous start for you!  I am still reading your comments from a few days ago – you ladies are keeping me busy… but I am not complaining -no, no, no!  Gotta run for now – lots to get done this week.  LOTS!

I shall catch up with you later!  So…. what are you doing this week?

6 thoughts on “VERMONT QUILT FESTIVAL: Christine’s Movement in Squares

  1. I made a quilt using this pattern when the pattern first came out. My second is now underway, as my granddaughter loves the pattern and wanted a ” very bright and colorful” version. It’s fun and fast to make and so open to all kinds of quilting.

  2. Beautifully stitched, Christine !! I continue to work on my Civil War quilt. Rows and rows, seems like miles and miles, of straight quilting, “in the ditch” quilting. Then on to the hand-quilted feathers.

  3. I am mostly working on the newsletter for our ladies’ group at church this week and then gearing up for 4th of July cerebrations both with the family Fri. and with a neighborhood cookout Sat., and my m-i-l’s birthday Thursday. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Great quilt and perfect quilting for it! I’m making blackberry jam today after picking more blackberries yesterday. This is IT for the wild ones and my fifth batch of blackberry jam… or is it the sixth? It’s my husband’s favorite. I’ll be having thornless berries coming on any time–a few are ripening daily, and I’m saving them in the freezer for another batch of jam… Any extras will be cobbler.

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