I have a theory…

I always try to get a lot done by Wednesday of the week.  Over the years, I have developed a theory of productivity*… if  I don’t put in the work toward the front end of the week by Wednesday, the rest of the week would just zip by blurry without me getting much done before the weekend!

So, I have been planning, thinking, scheduling, calculating, pattern writing, piecing, stitching, reading, and trying to come up with a good name (you know how lousy I am in that department)…  all that in a day’s work… well, the first part of the week’s work! In truth, and the highfalutin mumbo jumbo aside, I have just been trying to dig myself out of my work pile. :)


So what do you think of my theory of productivity?  Do you feel the same way I do about Wednesdays?

While, I still have a few hours left on this Wednesday, I’d better get myself in gear to finish up what I started this morning…. and oh, I still have to decide on that name!!!  More details to come on that name — when I am finally able to share!

Thank you for stopping by, Dear Friends!  May God bless you all!!  Hugs!


*Back story on my obsession with efficiency and productivity:  As a primary (elementary) school kid, I used to loyally read self-help books and columns on how to be a better (and more productive) student. And thereon after, efficiency grew to be a lifelong and ongoing pursuit! My husband looked at me with this perplexed look when I told him what I used to do for childhood passtime. So…. I’ve NEVER claimed to be the cool kid in the crowd, HA!

18 thoughts on “I have a theory…

  1. That is so awesome, Wendy. I like the idea of trying to get as much done as possible by Wednesday. A lot of times I am just spinning my wheels all week until I get to the weekend, where I am able to crank out a decent amount of work. As for names, I feel your pain. Sometimes I think of several cool quilt names in a row, so I jot them down in my sketchbook, where I also keep fmq ideas and practice sketches, for future quilts.

  2. I hit the ground running on Monday morning!!!! I do feel that the M,T,W part of the week is crucial to my total week’s productivity but (and that’s a huge “BUT”), generally, my deadlines are self-imposed in order to finish client’s quilts in a timely fashion for return. I am very disciplined in this, though, or I will not be able to get to all the ideas that float in my head!!!!! AND THAT’S SERIOUS!!!!!!! LOL!

  3. I love organized students, and when I was a professor, I was very organized with grades. Now, unless there’s a deadline, I’m usually not too worried, and things always seem to take longer than expected. And then I procrastinate. I’m not proud of that. I guess I have to go back to self imposed deadlines. I agree about wanting to finish the tasks by the weekend. Good luck!

  4. since I retired, the days don’t mean the same any more. I still have the habit of being busy on my projects Sat and Sun because the rest of the week I worked. So I start hard Sat and kind of tail off by Thurs.

  5. Oh…. I was busy playing with dolls, trampling around in the woods, baking cakes, watching Jetsons,
    No, not reading on being organized.
    However, nursing school straightened me out.
    Now, well, Christina, baby Sarah, and I went out this afternoon… we got two things done :-D

  6. Even though we are retired I plan my days… But lots of time the kids need us for something other than I planned then we run or help when we can. We have had two daughters move in the last two weeks so lots done but not stitching. Lots of time spent wearing rubber gloves LOL. OMG PPL leave their homes so dirty I don’t understand I always washed my way out of any place I moved from.. It’s a new world today.
    Hugs Bunny

  7. I tend not to think that far ahead. Each day, I try to make the morning hours productive because I always run out of gas by 4:30…even if I get in a quick power nap. Thinking ahead for an entire week is just too daunting, but I find I do get a lot done every day before noon with my method, and that way the entire week is productive, and I can take a day off without guilt. :)

  8. I tend to be a list maker. I generally begin the week with a list of things to accomplish, some can even be fun. Things get crossed off during the week, items also get added. Hopefully, by Friday it is a blank slate. I also feel the need to hustle in the morning so that I can do something fun in the afternoon which is usually a sewing project. However, being retired,,,,,,,,there is always tomorrow; things are not as pressing as when I worked. And…….I don’t seem to accomplish as much as when I taught, which is a major frustration.

  9. I really like your theory. I am disabled, severe memory issures and several other painful health issues, so planning things out is very important to me and my husband. We do not try and have it all done by a certain day; we plan out day by day. That way we are always accomplishing goals/house cleaning/ yard work and so on. I write to much always. LOL. Great luck on finding the name. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  10. I find I am more focused early in the week on quilt related tasks. You can get loads done in those three days. Thursday and Friday I like to catch up around the house and sew in the afternoons. Names are never easy, I have been naming my quilts after special names my last quilt I called Maggie’s baskets as Maggie was my Grandfathers favourite song.

  11. My theory is daily … I just try to pack a lot in, early in the day, and usually I am busy most of the day. I find that I don’t sleep well, if I didn’t accomplish enough during the day. I retired a year ago, from a part time job, but I still feel just as busy, and have no idea how I got done, what I got done during the work week, then.

  12. You are right Wendy, if you don’t get a lot done by Wednesday, the rest of the week is shot. Which, lately seems to be my problem. But I have renewed goal of getting it done. I find that the same is true for the day, if I procrastinate (like I tend to do) till noon, the day is not productive, but if I get up, get going and complete some tasks, the day is filled with finished objects….quilt related and life related! haha! Hugs!

  13. Agree with you that Wednesday is the day of reckoning! I always plan to get so much done early in the week but for me it seems that “hump day” also becomes the start of the weekend “push” to get something done if I haven’t already!

    Was on the Annie’s site recently and saw your new class and added it to my wish list. I also just came from Landauer’s site and saw the announcement of the new book coming in to Fall — big Congrats on that! There’s definitely no moss growing on your machine!!

  14. It would depend on what crowd you were in.  You are absolutely the coolest kid in any quilting crowd any where.

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