Amongst the florals…

Chills, joint and muscle aches, sneezes…. who needs those during the summer?!  I am being a humbug about this summer “bug” that I caught from a certain little person in my family.  But let’s direct our attention to more cheerful things.

I most certainly cannot take credit for these beautiful blossoms.  These photos were taken at a professionally tended garden while I was out and about, pre-summer cold.










Here are two of my floral quilts from Recreating Antique Quilts: Priscilla’s Garden Party (L) and Lattice Garden (R).  They are what I call “sister” quilts in that one is a simpler version of the other.  Dear friend Karen actually taught a class using her version of Lattice Garden here.




These two quilts are densely quilted with feathers and swirls.  I will have to share about the quilting with you in a separate post.  Thank you for stopping by, Dear Friends.

So, curious mind wants to know if you often use floral fabrics or incorporate florals designs in your quilts… do tell!

Happy Monday, and have a stupendous week!


17 thoughts on “Amongst the florals…

  1. I seriously love florals and have done a number of “four-patch posies” (kaleidoscope-like but not as complicated as stack ‘n whack. I also want to go back and do some more watercolor quilts. Hope you feel better soon, Wendy.

  2. I always fall in love with florals, and I have made a few quilts using them. I miss my flower gardens during the winter and enjoy having flowers strewn across quilts. Hope you feel better. Years ago there was a commercial that stated “a summer cold is an ugly animal.” They were right… colds always are more miserable in summer.

    Thank you to everyone who commented about my Mom. She was so pleased that people who had never met her were interested in her story. My sister printed the story and took it to her. She was still smiling today when I visited her and my granddaughter showed off her jelly roll race quilt top she made in the last couple of days while visiting me.

  3. I hope you feel better soon! I adore florals in my quilts, and most have some sort of floral fabric in them. I’ll try to stay away from floral prints if I want to make a more masculine quilt, but otherwise, it’s flowers!

  4. Flowers, flowers, and even more flowers whether they be in my garden or the fabrics that I love to quilt with…….yes, I adore flowers in any form!! I almost always have a vase of fresh flowers in my home. I have even found the perfect spot in my new home for my African Violets. My quilts almost always contain at least one or two floral fabrics. Florals are generally the foundation of my quilt, adding others to enhance and compliment.

    No way to begin your summer, Wendy, feel lots better soon!!

  5. I love flowers and these photos are beautiful! I could easily use floral fabrics in each and every quilt that I make. Yet, I have certain family members who just do not appreciate their charm. LOL. Your two quilts are fabulous beauties! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Though I love flowers, and grow them in my house and garden, I use very few floral fabrics in my quilts. I am always drawn to leaf prints and paisleys, so I use more of those prints.

    Hope you feel better soon, Wendy. Take care of yourself!

  7. Florals are my favorite, and I love this quilt!! If it comes as a kit I’d make it in a heartbeat. I have no talent for putting fabrics together, but I love to piece.

  8. Ugh!!!! A summer cold! Get well quickly!! I love floral fabrics, but I don’t do floral quilts as a rule. My florals are cut up to use for the most part in scrappy quilts?

  9. Using florals is somewhat out of my comfort zone, but darn, those quilts using them are just so cheerful. I recently started collecting a few floral fats for a certain project that incorporates them. I think it will be a winner and looking forward to something different. I do a lot of floral applique because I adore flowers, but that doesn’t use those beautiful prints. Get well soon!

  10. So sorry you have been sick. It certainly is not the best way to start your summer. I’ve always had a love affair with floral fabric. As a matter of fact, I have quick a stash of them. They went out of favor for a while, so some of mine have been resting until they can make their reappearance. I think they give a quilt a romantic flavor. Get well!

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