Wednesday’s Ramblings

Hello Friends,  I hope you are well.  Just want to check in with you quickly.  First off, one down — two more to go. :)


Meanwhile, our rhododendron bush has bloomed!


Many with whom I work, and have to come love are gearing up for this year’s Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis… wish I were there… but I am comforted (somehow) my quilts and designs will be there.

logo-220 (1)

Come back tomorrow – I will have some in-progress pictures to share with you, as well as a couple of Anne of Green Gables snippets relating to quilting!  I have been on an Anne of Green Gables kick these last couple of weeks because of the tragic passing of Jonathan Crombie.

How is your week shaping up?  I hope your week has gone well for you!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Ramblings

  1. So happy to hear from you. Know that you are busy, busy, busy. The snippet with the “girlie” fabric looks too cute.

    Oh Wow!! your rhododendron is a pink beauty. Our front yard is a sea of roses at the moment. Bulbs are beginning to surface. I’m patiently waiting for flowers. I am so excited!!! Spring is my favorite season!!

  2. Minneapolis is so close (150 miles) yet so far (no creds here!!!). And so we “carry on”. Will be watching for all reports from so many friends who are busily taking care of finally preps!!! Hugs…….SSAB

  3. I love when the rhodo’s bloom. We have a giant bush outside our family room window. I time “SPRING” around the yard with the daffodils, the tulips, the wisteria & dogwood, then comes the azaleas and iris and finally the Rhododendron. I like watching the hosta emerge and unfurl amidst the fading tulips. Spring in the mid-atlantic area is wonderful. My dilemma isn balance. I would rather be sewing but want the flower beds to look good too. :)

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