Joy of Needle and Thread: Part 5 – An exciting moment

Hello Friends, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend!   Two of the three amigos in our little family ended up with under the weather mis-adventure.  No, I am not one of the two, and I have been supplementing like crazy. :)

Many of you have read about Miss Baby’s crafting adventures on this blog.  Her most recently completed work are two Christmas ornaments she stitched for Christmas last year.  You may click here to read more about the ornaments.


I entered Miss Baby’s ornaments in this year’s Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit.  The Woodlawn Plantation was given to Nelly Custis and Lawrence Lewis (Washington’s nephew) as a wedding gift by General George Washington. Nelly, Martha Washington’s granddaughter, was informally adopted and raised together with her brother by the Washingtons upon the death of her father, and remarriage of her mother.   Today, you can see Nelly’s harpsichord at Mount Vernon.  But I digress…


From Historic Woodlawn’s website regarding their 52nd Needlework Show, held in honor of Nelly Lewis who was an accomplished needleworker herself: “The Needlework Exhibition at Historic Woodlawn in Alexandria, Virginia is the nation’s premiere show of contemporary needlework.  The exhibit honors Eleanor “Nelly” Custis Lewis’ legacy by displaying her needlework as well as inviting the public to display theirs. Visitors will see hundreds of needlework entries on display in every room of the historic mansion among the museum collections.”

We are very excited our very own Miss Baby won a First Place ribbon with her entries in the Junior Category.  Well, Miss Baby was a bit bummed out there wasn’t a real ribbon on there for now…. “only a ribbon sticker!”  She was assured she WILL get her real ribbon when we pick up the ornaments.


Photography was limited to entrants taking snapshots of their entries only.  So I have no pictures of the other entires. They were all inspiring, and I actually thought about moving into a cave to get caught up with my own stitching. :)  I was most heartened to see the joy of needle and thread possibly continuing in my family.


Martha Washington was a quilter and stitcher as well.  She famously stitched the seat cushions for some of the chairs at Mount Vernon.  Click here to read more about Mrs. Washington’s needle and thread adventures.  My armchair historian’s view is that Nelly Lewis, who grew up at Mount Vernon, could have very well learned to stitch at her grandmother’s tutelage.

shell-cushion-w-2173-ct-7301-2_90895a9ca7[image credit: ]

I hope those of you who have invested time in teaching your family and others to stitch, sew or quilt, are encouraged to see how Martha Washington’s needlework adventures even blesses stitchers generations later!  All we have to do is to plant the seed… or rather in our case, get out the threads, fabrics and scissors! :)

Thank you again for stopping by.  Have a great week ahead!

26 thoughts on “Joy of Needle and Thread: Part 5 – An exciting moment

  1. Sob Sob!! I am the only girl in our little family. The wife and girlfriend are not into sewing (although they are very happy for me to sew for them!?!) I am planning on teaching my little grandson one day. Trouble is he is a boyish boy – cars, trains, planes etc so I may be in for disappointment!

  2. How absolutely wonderful! Miss Baby has definitely inherited your passion and needlecraft skills, Wendy, and I can understand what a proud Mummy moment this is. Please give Miss Baby (Gwendolyn) my hearty congratulations. I look forward to seeing more of her exquisite handwork.

  3. Copngrats to Miss Baby! I’m afraid if I won I would want my ribbon right then as well! So happy for you that you have a stitcher in your family to carry on the love of the needle and thread. Can’t wait to sew with you in Rogers.

  4. Congratulations to Miss Baby! How wonderfully encouraging for her to keep on stitching!

    Thank you for the history too! I sure would like to pay a visit to this Nelly’s mansion someday.

  5. Hugs and ‘Congrats’ to Gwendolyn!!!! I thought at the time that those were “ribbon worthy”! Our tour of Mt Vernon is something that Tom and I often bring up……..a special day spent with you and the tour far exceeded our expectations!!!!! (The 6 hours there went in a flash!!!! And we left feeling we missed so much.) Off to begin the week. Piano moments at the Winona hospital tomorrow a.m. means a bit of brushing up today!!!! Hugs…………………SSAB

  6. Congrats to Miss BAby! Way to go! My g/dau was here all last week during spring break and she put some charms together and called it Rainbow, no batting, just backed and turned and a big X from corner to corner to hold it together. Her first time using a machine. Very good job! I did the border and backing for her. She is only 8.

  7. I know you are SOOOOO proud of Miss Baby….looks like she’s following in Momma’s footsteps. I am so happy for both of you. Imagine what things of beauty she’ll be creating as she gets older! Thank you for sharing. Also…I was quite moved at one of your earlier posts—where you said “thank you” to your readers. Oh, Wendy….if I could only express how grateful I am to you. Please believe me—every time I say “thank you” to you it comes from the bottom of my heart. Blessings…

  8. Congratulations to Gwen!! And to you for your patience in teaching and encouraging her. Will look for her first book too!! :)

  9. What a wonderful legacy for your daughter! I know you must be proud of her. Entering any kind of contest can be a bit scary to have your workmanship judged. She does beautiful work. Winning a ribbon will certainly provide encouragement to continue to create.

  10. Rosemary B here:
    Congratulations to Miss Baby. These ornaments were really beautiful. She gets her inspiration and eagerness from YOU, that is certain.
    Martha Washington was pretty industrious too. That cushion is beautiful

  11. Congratulations to your daughter!!! I hope and think this boost and recognition of her talent will keep her stitching more beautiful things. I have a granddaughter but unfortunately, she takes after her mother rather than her father, my son, who has always loved to create things with his hands. Zero interest for both those gals. My Mom and I had a great relationship that included our love of stitching. Funny how that never rubbed off on my sister though! The stitching gene is either there or not. :-) So happy your daughter has it!

  12. First….Congratulations to your daughter! Second….I loved your historical review. Both were a pleasure to review wrapped around your story. Nancy K.

  13. Congrats to Miss Baby. She has to be over the moon winning her first prestigious ribbon. Wendy, you have been a wonderful inspiration to her and, actually, to many of us. You will have a forever bond with her, stitching will be shared between the two of you forever.

  14. How exciting for Miss Baby … and for you, her proud mother! She did a fabulous job on those two ornaments. I wonder what’s next from her needle. Congratulations to Miss Baby!

  15. Congratulations Miss Gwendolyn! How exciting for her and for you too! Her cross-stitch ornaments are beautiful. It’s wonderful to see the needlearts being passed along to future generations. But for me, it was my daughter who got me interested in quilting. How about that?

  16. Congratulations Miss Gwendolyn!! What beautiful heirlooms for her. It will be exciting what other crafty things she will be interested in as she grows up.

  17. Congratulations to Miss Baby! That IS exciting! I would love to visit that needlework show! I wonder how far that is from here…will have to look it up. :-) Neat to see a heritage of stitchery carrying on.

  18. Congratulations to Gwendowlyn!
    And a big Thank You to you, Wendy for the book of your’s that I won during your giveaway. I entered comments at all of the ladies blogs and from Doreen’s I won a copy of Antique Quilts and am one happy lady! Thank You. Diane

  19. Congratulations, G! That’s wonderful. I’m sure you’ll be earning many more ribbons along the way. Great job!

  20. Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing family achievements. Congratulations to Miss Baby for a beautiful job. She has talent and patience!! Thanks Mom (Wendy) for guiding her in this lifelong stitching adventure. I’m with Miss Baby, we want the ribbon, not a paper sticker!!

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