2015 National Quilting Day & Giveaway!

Hello Friends — Happy Saturday and Happy National Quilting Day!  Read about National Quilting Day here.


Once upon a time, there was girl who lived in the tropics, in the comfort of home, church, and many relatives.  All her life, she dreamed upon going to England for college… ever since she was five years of age.

starry pursuit6


She worked hard at school… because of the consuming dream of going to England for college.




The day came, she left home to go to college…. not to England, but to the United States.  She was disappointed at the time, but she accepted that it was the path chosen for her.



She finished college with a graduate degree.  She married.  She had a little girl.

Autumn Stars2

Somewhere in her years in the US, she met a most generous and loving lady — who taught this girl how to quilt.



And the rest is history.  Because someone else stepped in, and encouraged, and took the time to teach this girl (who hadn’t really even touched a sewing machine in her life), this girl’s life was changed!




She made many sweet quilting and non-quilting friends along her quilting journey.  She was able to do things not dreamed off in all her dreams of going to England for college…



And she continues to accepts the path chosen for her, by her loving God.



IMG_9539And in a roundabout way, though she sees that she is but a whiff of air passing through this world, she is inspired by the people she meets to make a difference in her small roundabout circle…because someone else had made a difference in her life.


On this National Quilting Day, this is a roundabout way of telling the story of an Asian girl who discovered the joy of quilting, because a loving lady who answered the call to make a difference in the lives of others!  Thank you, Barbara!

And Happy National Quilting Day again, Everyone!!


Annie’s has generously sponsored a giveaway of my online class Learn to Machine Quilt class.  Leave a comment between now and March 27, 2015 to enter giveaway.  Winner will be announce on March 30, 2015.


learn to machine quilt

Speaking of machine quilting, stay tuned for some exciting news!

95 thoughts on “2015 National Quilting Day & Giveaway!

  1. For me quilting is about sharing our love and knowledge of quilt making with others. As evidenced by your story it makes a difference!

    Thanks for the great post and the inspirational pictures!

  2. Your quilting is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your story and giving one of us a chance to win the class.

  3. This beautiful young girl grew up to be a talented young woman with determination to be the Best she can be at as a Mom, Wife and teacher. I admire her and love that she has touched my life. Bless you.

  4. Wendy, I have been a follower for a long time now and you are such a blessed inspiration for me. Each time I see your quilting and quilt designs I am amazed at your talent. Your story is quite a journey to be told. I am SO glad you are here in the USA and did not make it to England as originally planned!

  5. And a footnote to that story would be that she has touched thousands of us who aspire to be the best qui.ters we can be. Thank you, Wendy.

  6. Thanks for sharing your story. Not all of us had family to pass along the joy of learning to quilt. Thanks for the chance to win your quilting class instructional.

  7. Thank you for sharing your story! I always love to hear how people get started with their quilting journey.

  8. May I also say thank you to Barbara? Without her encouragement we would not be blessed with YOUR encouragement and beautiful work. Happy Quilting Day!

  9. That was a beautiful story and included pictures of a lot of beautiful quilting. I could only wish to be able to quilt half as well. Thanks for the chance to win your class.

  10. Wendy, thanks for sharing your quilting journey. How lucky we are that Barbara took you under her wing and gave you the guidance that set you on the quilting path. You are always a sweet inspiration in so many ways. How fortunate for me to have “stumbled” upon your blog a couple of years ago. Happy Quilters’ Day!! Much love……..

  11. Such a lovely story, Wendy. I am glad everything worked out so well for you. Moving to another country is a HUGE undertaking. I know I wouldn’t want to leave the UK. I was thinking it was a shame that you didn’t come to England. Maybe I would have met you at some time!!!!

  12. Very positive life story! I am in awe of your free motion quilting talent, and would love to have you teach me how you do it.

  13. You are so inspirational. I didn’t know your back story. You have paid it forward many times over. I subscribe to a lot of blogs, but yours is the one that I never miss reading. I love your quilting.

  14. What a beautiful story! I am in transition right now, waiting for the Lord to show me the way he wants me to go. You give me hope! Your quilting is just beautiful, you truly found your calling! ❤️

  15. Along life’s journey people are placed in our paths to change our destination. We are blessed when it friends and quilting!

  16. You do such beautiful quilting so I know the class has to be wonderful! Have admired your quilting for a long time and I love it when you post closeup photos that show the great texture you get from the quilting lines.

  17. What a beautiful story you have shared! Isn’t life so much more wonderful when we follow where our Lord leads?

  18. Quilters always have the very best stories. I started art quilting as a way of healing, both physically and emotionally, from open heart surgery. You continue to inspire me as I advance on this creative journey.
    Hugs from Mary

  19. What an inspiring story and one which can encourage all of us to mentor others. You do such lovely quilting. Thank for the chance to win your class.

  20. Oh, a special thank you to Barbara for opening you to the quilting world. You have definitely inspired all kinds of people to quilt through you designs and quilting. Thank you

  21. So enjoyed hearing about your journey into the quilting world. It would be great to win your class. Your work is beautiful!

  22. Thank you for this inspiaring story and all the gorgeous quilting. I wish I was that good. Maybe some day!

  23. Thank you for this inspiaring story and all the gorgeous quilting. I wish I was that good. Maybe some day!

  24. Beautiful story, beautiful quilting, beautiful person. Your work is exquisite and inspirational.

  25. What a wonderful story of accomplishment, of making new friends while learning to quilt. I to quilt to a small degree but most of all I would love to make quilting friends to expand my skills. I am handicapped to a small degree as I have had a nervous breakdown and have trouble remembering. The idea of new loving friends is delightful.

  26. Your story is so sweet! Thanks for sharing that, and I so admire your work and talent. Hugs! Happy National Quilting Day! Hope G made you cake to celebrate.

  27. What a beautiful story and such amazing quilting. I’m so glad you came to the U.S. and met Barbara. I think your talents would shine wherever you were. We are fortunate that you share them with us. Thank you.

  28. Your story reminds me of Proverbs 16:9 how men make their plans, but God ordains their steps. How awesome that He knows the perfect path for each of us. Your blog is an inspiration to me and countless others. Thank you for the opportunity to win your machine quilting classes:)

  29. You have a beautiful story to share. AND God to guide you. ..you have a magnificent talent in your sewing and quilting. Just simply adore it. Thank you also for sharing your faith in God!

  30. Your quilting is amazing! Thanks for sharing your story and the chance to win your class.

  31. And Wendy, you are truly paying it forward for those of us who read your blog and learn from you. I aspire to one day do feathers as perfect as you I do! Thank you for all you do for the quilting world.

  32. Beautiful quilting – sweet story. We’re all glad you did wind up here to make our quilting world a better place.

  33. Wendy, a lovely story of your beginning as a quilter. You’re so generous with your craft, that I think you deserve your great success.

  34. You have worked very hard to become what most of us just dream of. God has blessed you in so many ways !! Also he has given the rest of the quilting world someone to look up to!!

  35. I’m glad someone taught you to sew. It will add to the quilting heritage of our country. Love your work and would love to watch your class.

  36. Your work is incredible and I love your story! It was amazing to meet you at our Guild netting tonight!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to come and share with us!

  37. Your talent is amazing! I love all of your tutorials and someday hope to FMQ as easy as you make it seem to be. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you!

  38. Great post. Your quilting is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

  39. What a beautiful, wonderful story. The quilting is grand as is your tale. congratulations. I wish I could get this machine quilting to be as well done as yours. thanks for the chance to learn some more skills with your help.


  40. You are such an inspiration to all of us Wendy — thank you for continuing to accept your God given path – what a wonderful journey for all of us. God Bless you my friend. PS – I’ve already benefited from your wonderful class, so please, if you choose my name – choose again! Hugs…

  41. What a lovely story! It’s amazing how you can look back and see God’s hand in molding your life, even if you were a bit disappointed at first. :)

  42. Love your story and your work is AMAZING, I could only hope to have a thimble’s worth of the talent I see here! Thank you so much!

  43. Wow, what beautiful work. I would love to learn to do this type of quilting. I have only done straight line or stitch in the ditch quilting.

  44. You are very inspiring… I am just starting out as a quilter and am very interested in learning free motion quilting. I only dream to be half as good as your are. Thanks for the inspiring photos.

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