Just to make sure I didn’t miss a “must see” quilt?!

I have been packing… I have been pulling out quilts from my stash for a show-and-tell appearance at the Stafford Piecemakers Quilt Guild next Monday.  I am excited to meet more local quilters where I live.  Feel free to drop by!


I am also packing some goodies to share with quilters!


So, just to make sure I bring all the quilts I am supposed to bring — do you have a favorite quilt of mine that you think I just HAVE TO share with the ladies on Monday evening?  Click here for the list of quilts I have available to share.  Please let me hear from you!!!


Winter is supposed to return where we live… I am not excited about that!  I am going to try to venture out just for a bit today to take pictures of a few recent magazine quilts.  Wish me some sunshine and warmth, would you?  Thanks for stopping by!  I shall catch up with you tomorrow, hopefully.

12 thoughts on “Just to make sure I didn’t miss a “must see” quilt?!

  1. Out of the Nest, Roundabout feathers and Quilting around the applique block, actually any of your quilts are works of Art and would cause drooling to see in person. When you have all the quilts you’ve created on one page I am in awe of your creativity.

  2. I think Jackie covered my thoughts, too!!! The seasons are certainly in a battle these days.I love those “trunk show” opportunities!!!!!!! You will be awesome!!!!!

  3. Rosemary B here:
    I love all of your quilts, so just pile up the van.
    I am greatly disappointed in this return of winter weather. I am tired of the cold wind.
    Have a fun time at the Quilt Extravaganza :-) <3

  4. I truly think that your audience of quilters will adore any of the quilts in your trunk show. Just take a variety of playful, romantic, holiday, some large, some small; they will all be “oohed” and ” aahed.” However, please include “A Mother’s Love” and “Song of Praise.” They are very much “Wendy.” Have a fabulous time, wish that I was closer.

    BTW we are cold and rainy today, supposed to be nice by Saturday.

  5. My favorites are some of your earliest!! Coxcombs & Berries and the Nestlings & out of the nest quilts!! Your list is so impressive tho, it’s hard to choose! See you soon!! :)

  6. Wendy, I am anxiously awaiting you coming to Rogers Sewing Center on April 23. It will be so nice to meet you in person!!!

  7. Hi Wendy, best of luck on your lecture. My 3 favorites are Pretty as a Peacock, Color Burst and Rise & Shine. I think these three show how versatile a quilter you are, and I love them. I’m giving a lecture at my guild in April about social media and such. I am excited and nervous. Your blog is going to be top on the list of my favorite sites! If I don’t pass out from fear, I think it will be fun. Hugs!

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