March Madness FUN 2015!

Hello Friends, you may remember my Movement in Squares pattern won Benartex’s Fan Favorite last year from their March Madness event.

K movementinsquares with ribbon

Well, it’s time for 2015 March Madness again… a few of my designs made the first round of selection, and Benartex is asking quilters to select their top 3 for the next round of 16.  I will show you in the following the ones I designed that made the first initial round.

So far, I have shared about these designs on this blog.  Click on quilt names to download the free to use patterns.

A Red Letter Day

Design 1a_57.25 x 72.75_high res


High Res_4d_42.5 x 56.5

Pretty Little Houses

Design 1d_51 x 60_solid blue1_high res

Sew Lovely

High Res_4b_61 x 61


High Res_3b_73 x 73


High Res_Sunny Days

Zoey’s Flowerbed

High Res_Design 3_Rework 5

And the next few designs are ones I haven’t shared with you, but made the initial round.  I will post about each of them in the very near future.

Baby Bunny

High Res_3b1_boy

High Res_3b1_girl

Carry On

High Res_Design 1a_52 x 58

Christine’s Rose Garden

High Res_Design 1_Rework 4

Flutter B’s


So, those are the designs (by yours truly) that made the first round.  Would you head on over here to vote your top three among the entire list?  I don’t want you to vote on what you think are the best three designs, not just mine. Designing is NEVER about me.  When I design a quilt, it is about being able to do the fabrics justice, and to be able to come up with a design that pleases and connects with quilters.  So, may the best design win!

I am turning off comments for this post.  But feel free to email me if you have something to tell me. :)

Thank you, FRIENDS!  I hope you have loads of fun judging all the quilt designs. :)  Hugs to you all.