THIS or THAT #6, “Quilty” sort of…

Hello Friends, coffee or tea is our latest This or That question.  This latest installment of isn’t really quilting-related, except for this…


So, let me hear from you… are you a coffee or tea person?

Thanks for stopping by.  My week got off another busy start — these days I am really tight with fabrics (more quilt samples to be made happen!), and the pencil and paper (more pattern instructions to be made happen as well!). Have a lovely rest of the day.


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32 thoughts on “THIS or THAT #6, “Quilty” sort of…

  1. At 55…I have NEVER had a cup of coffee! Tea all the way! When I was a child I thought i would drink coffee when I grew up…guess I haven’t gotten there yet!

  2. Oh my, I am definitely a rich coffee person. I make it strong too! No brown water for me. I’d rather not drink it at all if it’s not freshly brewed and strong. I’m somewhere between any restaurant coffee and espresso in strength. DH and I both use honey in our coffee and the bestest creamer is Land of Lakes Fat free creamer. If there’s not that creamer in the house the am will be a disappointment. Can’t stand the regular half and half as a rule and it disagrees with my tummy.
    Ok, I have two of those exquisite cups in the am, and once and awhile a really small cup of it at 3 pm.
    When I was a teenager and through high school my girlfriend and I would stay up all night with tea, honey and milk. Those were the days.

    Both our daughter and two daughter in laws are huge tea fans which I think they drink black. Husband has gone to, besides the two cup coffee in the am, maybe twice a month of a cup of Earl Gray at 3 pm. Otherwise he drinks coffee all day long!

    We are both 59 yrs.
    Thx for asking!

  3. I’m a tri-drinker. I typically drink 1 cup of coffee in the morning. Summertime I will drink ice tea, winter time I enjoy hot teas. I also enjoy hot cocoa. But also like to think about when do we enjoy certain beverages. For me, I’ll confess I need a cup of coffee to wake up. Yet tea can bring on a variety of enjoyment.

    I like all sorts of teas. There is something about hot green tea, especially after certain meals with special friends, especially visiting South East Asia. English teas with milk are a special treat and mentally bring to mind a relaxing visit with friends and loved one, maybe over a short bread cookie. Hot cocoa reminds me of college days, as well as time outdoors with friends and family, as well as neighborhood Christmas carols.

    But the best beverage is really the one spent with family and/or friends.


    PS – I do know of two quilt shops that serve such beverages, in a safe area of their shop. Always makes it special to visit those shops. Wish more had space and staff to be able to offer such to their customers.

  4. Rosemary here:
    Hi Wendy! this is a cute cuppa.
    I like both, I like a cup of coffee in the afternoon.
    In the morning I need LOTS of tea.
    I like all tea. Coffee, I am picky. Some are too strong and make my stomach hurt – like Starbucks.
    Worst coffee ever.
    Chai tea is yummy

  5. I don’t like coffee! Never enjoyed the taste. I drink occasional teas, mostly cold, or hot when I’m not feeling well and happen to have honey. I mostly drink water and hot chocolate when it’s cold. Have fun designing!

  6. Coffee in the morning for me… just one cuppa. Then afternoon hot tea (any kind) and maybe some caffeine free chai after dinner. Iced tea is wonderful in the summer.

  7. That quilted teacup is very cute! I’m an addicted to my cup of coffee in the morning kind of girl. If I have tea it’s generally a special occasion or an afternoon treat!

  8. Tea is my favorite. Just ordinary, strong black tea, with a splash of milk. I like Tetley’s British Blend, or PG Tips. I usually have 2 or 3 cups every morning.

  9. I drink both, Wendy, though mostly espresso. Have to have something in the espresso, like soy, almond, or coconut milk. Tea, I drink straight up if it is hot, with fresh lemon if it is iced. I like your quilting around the cup.

  10. Such an inviting pattern; pretty “China” deserves tea. I have one cup of coffee in the a.m. It just seems to go with breakfast. If I want a hot drink during the day it is usually green tea. My favorite time to enjoy a cup of tea is after dinner. In my younger days I was addicted to coffee, don’t really remember why I gave it up.

  11. I love the teacup pattern–the quilting is always amazing. I am a big tea drinker–Hot Green Tea and really any herbal tea. I would love to do this as a table topper. Have a good week and weekend

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  16. I drink both coffee in the morning and hot tea in the afternoon. As cooler weather sets in, I tend to switch to hot tea earlier in the day, but then switch back to coffee in the late afternoon. I can honestly blame all of my caffeine addiction on my husband. Little by little as we were dating I would drink more and more coffee. After we were married, we drank coffee all of the time until his heart attack.

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