Rescued Treasure

You can imagine the chill (and thrill) when I saw this little tidbit about how this dollhouse came to be in the collection of the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum.  That contractor who discovered and rescued this 12 foot long dollhouse from the claw of the bulldozer is a hero in my book.


I shall just let the pictures do the talking for most of the rest of the post.











I was totally transfixed by this amazing world of small, imagining myself as the lady of the manor… until I heard Miss Baby say, “Mom, could you please stop taking pictures so that I can look at at the rooms?”  [Child, why did you drag me back to reality?]


Are you a rescuer of treasures from the past?  I would love to hear your story!

[I once purchased an old Duncan Phyfe dining set — because I couldn’t bear the sadness on the face of the original owner parting with her dining set because she was moving to a nursing home.  She had had the set for decades, since she was married.  I told her I would love her dining set to the best of my ability.  Sadly, I too had to part with that dining set when we made the move out east a few years ago. There are days I wonder if that dining set is treated well by its new owner.  My love of history makes me go warm and fuzzy and sentimental over old things — what can I say? Disclaimer – I am most certainly not a pack rat though. That’s possible, right?]


15 thoughts on “Rescued Treasure

  1. Rosemary b here:
    I love the quilts in the post you made below. Wonderful quilts.
    I wish I had that calendar.
    This doll house is adorable. I loved dolls when i was little, and I would still play with dolls today but i am too busy. haha. I love making clothes for them’
    I never had a doll house but we did have furniture and used shelves in the house.
    My house is full of saved treasures that are mom and dad’s. Hubbs has a few treasures from his mom.
    I bought two featherweight sewing machines. I want to sell them. I need to photo them first and then put up notes at some fabric stores and other places. I already have one featherweight I love. It is mine. I actually have about 9 old machines here…..
    My niece has a fancy big doll house with electricity. I loved it, I do not know where she keeps it now. Perhaps at her dad’s house. Her mother, my sister, is not alive anymore :-(
    Stay warm and happy, Wendy

  2. I have a few vintage treasures, including my Featherweight, and a 1954 15-91 Singer that I love sewing on, which I restored (from a garage sale) and a 1910 or so Minnesota treadle in a parlor cabinet (also restored by me) and I have the iron my grandmother used when she got married. It was a doorstop in her summer house when I was growing up. I also have the screwdrivers from my maternal grandmother’s treadle. I’m thrilled that this doll house came from Long Island, as that’s where I was born, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love antiques and old things. I have many treasures handed down from family and have collected many more. Dolls, doll houses and almost anything child related are dear to my heart. Recently though, a friend gave me a beautiful oak cabinet that was made by her great, great grandfather. Her children did not want it. She had to part with it and knew I would appreciate and care for it. So sad really but I consider it a real blessing.

  4. OMG I have had many many old pieces of furniture. My MIL dining room set I had to give up thankfully my daughter took it because my granddaughter wants it when she leaves home. You see my husband grew up eating their dinner daily at that set. We had it for 52 years. She also too a end table I bought at a garage sale in NY over 40 years ag and a Duncan Phyfe table I paid $10.00 for at a garage sale around 40 years ago too. Hate throwing out good furniture.

  5. Ahhh. My house is furnished in “early Gramma’s attic” style, and everything has a story. However, my dearest antique is a Seth Thomas mantle clock given to my grandparents when they were married in 1912 or 1913. A few years ago, my husband had it fixed for me, and it chimes every hour and pings on the half-hour. Good workmanship, I’d say.

  6. Oh wow, so happy that the dollhouse was saved from the wrecking ball. It is definitely a piece of art.

    I had a metal dollhouse growing up. The house is long gone, but I still have most of the furniture. My grandchildren still enjoy setting it up. Upon occasion, they will ask me, “What is this?”, referring to a piece of furniture. I do have the dollhouse that my Dad built for my Mom, oh so long ago. I have several other treasured “old” pieces, including my Grandmother’s small sewing cabinet. So many family treasures and memories are contained within the walls of my home. I love them all.

  7. I think there something special about old treasures, as well as rescuing them and loving them. They hold so many years of memories, especially a dining table set. Think of all the meals, joys, dreams and maybe even some sadness that unfolded around that table. I can certainly understand it. I have had a dining table for a good 45 years, that an old boss gave me, as she moved out of the area. She was delighted to know I was starting out and would take care of it.


  8. I had several well loved and used pieces of furniture from my paternal grandmother. Most have been lovingly passed down to my nieces (her great grandchildren). I kept the one item that I loved when I was a child. It is a cast iron bull dog that stands by our wood stove. I will keep Buster forever. When I had to clean out my father’s house, I chose several items and then asked all of the grandkids to come and choose what they wanted. It was amazing what they chose and the memories behind those choices, right down to my mom’s measuring cups.

  9. OMGosh!!! What a treasure that is! I can’t imagine that needing to be “rescued”. I, too, rescued a Duncan Phyfe dining room set from an elderly woman who went to a nursing home. I still have mine with six hand needlepointed chairs (done by her), a sideboard and a china cupboard. I have a very hard time getting rid of older treasures.

  10. I have a number of things from my grandparents on both sides and have a set of dessert plates that are 100 years old from a friend whose grandparents are the original owners, my friend is 86yrs young. I love old things and the history that comes with them.

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