Quilty THIS or THAT #5

Hello Friends, scrappy quilts are always favorites among quilters.  Our This or That question today is: controlled scrappy or random scrappy?

Scattered Leaves


Nature Walk


Color Burst


Stars Aligned

Design 1h_67.5 x 79.5

Get Happy


Do you like to set out your scrappy patches (or blocks) on a design wall, and arrange to determine the final layout?  Or do you like to just “pick” up the fabric or block and use the “let the chip falls where it is” method to determine the final layout?

I can’t wait to read your choice.

Thanks for stopping by.


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20 thoughts on “Quilty THIS or THAT #5

  1. Such a cute topic! I love a slightly planned scrappy, and I do try to make sure the same fabrics are not touching. These are great designs!

  2. Though I’ve done a few random scrappy quilts, controlled scrappy if my preferred method. I usually choose a focus fabric print, then choose coordinates from my scraps. I love purchasing scraps, especially when one can “choose your own”. It evokes fond memories of playing in my grandmother’s fabric scraps when I was a very small child.

  3. I have the hardest time just grabbing things and slapping them together. I’m always so annoyed when “sames” end up right by each other. I try to be carefree, but I touch things up once I see what’s what. I don’t know what that makes me…..

  4. Rosemary B here.
    I have two design walls. I use both of them. I like controlled chaos
    Even if an throwing something together, I have to be satisfied with how the colors flow.

  5. #1 get HAPPY, #2 nature walk,#3 stars aligned; my favorites. Mostly I prefer “come what m a y” scrappy as long as two aren’t side by side. Sometimes a design needs slightly more control. So it really depends on the particular design and my “mood” of the day! :) :) Karen

    Ivory Spring wrote: > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ WordPress.com ivoryspring posted: “Hello Friends, scrappy quilts are always favorites among quilters.  Our This or That question today is: controlled scrappy or random scrappy? Scattered Leaves Nature Walk Color Burst Stars Aligned Get Happy Do you lik”

  6. Committing to “random” is not a possibility in “my world” because the risk of unbalanced color placement becomes a possibility. For me, “random” placement takes more time and thought than a structured pattern. If I’m going to do a multi-color/multi-pattern(?) quilt (put a ton of time, thought and $$$ into it) then I want a reasonably balanced eye-appealing outcome and that rarely occurs with a truly “random”/”pull it out of a bag” approach. Just sayin’…….

  7. Controlled for sure… I like to scatter the “attention grabbers” and then work around them. My big design wall is perfect for making scrappy quilts and I get to admire them everyday as a bonus!

  8. Beautiful quilts, Wendy! I like a little of both. When building the blocks, it is a random scrappy. Then when I put the blocks on the design wall, I like to make sure that nothing TOO similar is next to each other, but mostly it’s random. I have friends that live for “arranging” a scrappy quilt. It just stresses me out! Grab and sew is good. :)

  9. Love your scrappy quilts!! They are all “happy scrappy,” sew appealing to the eye!!

    I try to be totally random in my selections, but I must confess to doing a bit of controlled selecting. In the Irish Chain that I am presently working on, I don’t want the same fabric or the same color to be in the “strip sets.” When I put the strip sets together, I will a continue to do a bit of selecting. Guess that I am trying to balance the colors somewhat. Maybe someday I will allow myself to let the fabrics fall where they may…….. Interesting question……….

  10. I like the random selections with a little bit of control of using complementary colors. When doing something scrappy, I don’t use a wall, just throw the pieces together!

  11. I love scrappy quilts. But I always try to “tie” them together with one fabric that tones in. I recently made a totally scrappy quilt using 2″ strips so it ends up with 1.5″ squares. That was completely recycled as I backed it with an old duvet cover and bound it with fabric from a pillowcase! Great way to use up bits and pieces!

  12. Most of my quilts are “scrappy” in that I rarely go to the fabric store and buy all the fabric I need for a particular quilt. In other words, I shop my stash. So in answer to your question, there’s always a degree of control. I’ve done scrappy quilts and tried to let things fall where they might, but some blocks still got moved around. To me, a quilt needs to be pleasing to the eye. Yes, it should be well-constructed and should be super to snuggle under, but why spend time and treasure to make something that does not please? When I look at historic quilts…even those that are truly scrappy…I see planning and a degree of balance. Women living in log or sod houses had very little beauty in their homes, so their hand work added beauty. When I have so much available, I want balance, too. :o)

  13. Controlled scrappy, after all the work, I want it to look nice. My Mother in law used to piece scrap quilts, diamonds, with used fabrics, and you could not see the pattern at all……and the fabrics tore easily… so new fabric and controlled so a nice design is seen.

  14. Wow….I am not sure; in all honesty, I thing it depends more on my mood than anything. I absolutely love all scrap quilts, it does not matter to me if they are planned or totally random. Plus, in my experience, either way the project turns out beautiful.

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