Calm Assurance: Sneak Peek

Hello Friends, it sure was nice being able to ship out another quilt — albeit I had 45 minutes to pack the quilt, make a mad dash to the Post Office, and in time to pick up Miss Baby from school. But at least it is on its way to the editor.


I tried out a new allover quilting motif on Calm Assurance.   It is not my original.  I think it is one done by Patsy Thompson although I am not certain.  This motif has LOTS of movement, and turned out to be perfect for a very geometric quilt.  But it took my little pea brain quite a bit to figure out moving one cluster of  “Palm Tree Leaves in a Monsoon” (that’s what this motif reminds me of) to the next.  And here I am, calling the quilt Calm Assurance.   HA!


A few weeks ago, Miss Baby music teacher impressed upon her that a teacher should always still be learning and practicing.  It resonated with me because I believe a quilting person is one who keeps on learning as well.  My thoughts on that are sprinkled here in this post.  My Palm Tree Leaves in a Monsoon can use to improve, I think — and I can’t wait to quilt the motif on another quilt to fine tune my stitching path, my swirl curvature etc.  And there’s another thing Miss Baby’s music teacher stresses – to perfect the basics, and THEN one can build on the basics! He cannot be more right than that!

I hope you are doing just that, my dear quilting friends!  Thank you for stopping by.  I shall catch up with you later.

10 thoughts on “Calm Assurance: Sneak Peek

  1. Oooh. I’m drooling. Design, fabrics and quilting are all lovely. Wish I could recognize the design to credit the original FMQ designer, but I can’t. It may be Patsy, or it may be a version so unique you made it your own. Still, I respect you more for trying to recognize where you may have been inspired for a particular design.

    I also think it is good to let Miss Baby know life is all about learning – continual learning. I didn’t quite understand it when a 70+ librarian, in High School would spend every summer in a different country to learn a different language. Nor did I understand it when I first began to quilt. But while continual learning is certainly important to quilters, it is also important to living a fulfilled life. There is so much to learn and experience, that one lifetime really isn’t enough to do it justice. So we need to pack in what we can in the time we can allocate for learning, balanced by realizing a lifetime can pass before we know it and we sadly find we haven’t taken advantage of the fun of learning and experiencing. Ok, enough of my lecture. I’m just proud of you for teaching this value to Miss Baby. And you are a great role model.


  2. Wendy, I think your quilting looks lovely. I like this motif a lot, and appreciate you sharing it.

    I do think it’s good to challenge ourselves by learning new things. I like designing my own quilts because it’s an adventure. Besides, I hate following directions!

  3. The quilt design and the quilting are both lovely. That is a very moving design and makes the quilt come alive. I can’t wait to see how you can improve on it.

    Life is all about constantly learning and it sounds like Miss Baby’s teacher is very wise in sharing those ideas.

  4. Oooh, the swirly quilting is perfect with the straight geometric lines of the quilt. It gives it a balanced look. As I look at the quilting, I see little girls and many, many curls. I love it!!!

    I, too, think that learning is life-long activity, one new something each day.

  5. Love the irony/contrast with the two names!!!! Glad you ‘survived’ the schedule/deadline once again! The piecing/colors/quilting combo is really wonderful and is something I would do (even if piecing isn’t my ‘thing’!). Waiting on the “big picture”!!!!

  6. That quilting motif looks like it would be good to simulate wind or waves. Love the contrast between the two titles – neat thought that we can have calm assurance even during storms when we know the Lord. I agree that in any craft or skill we can constantly be learning and growing.

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