My design, your quilt: Color Burst

Hello Friends,  it’s been quite a week at Ivory Spring – besides running a bit behind on the planned stuff in our schedules, I received some unexpected assignments that demanded my immediate attention.  But it’s okay, some weeks are like that… I re-adjusted my schedule while waiting for Miss Baby get out of school, I think everything that should fall in place will still happen — except getting back to your comments will probably not happen this weekend. Please know I am NOT ignoring you!

Most of you probably know of my Iron Man quilt, more daintily known as Color Burst.   It is a DAR-inspired quilt.  Click here to read more about the quilt.


Elizabeth of Such A Sew and Sew sent me a picture of her version — absolutely GORGEOUS! Me thinks her color choices are much prettier than mine!!  She beautifully calls her quilt Jardim da Amizade (Friendship Garden).  Seeing Friendship Garden made my day!  Elizabeth has graciously given me the permission to show off her quilt on Ivory Spring. Thank you, Elizabeth! I love that Elizabeth uses the HST units from her stash to make the quilt. We ALL have those HST units stored in boxes and baggies, don’t we? I know I do. :)

Jardim da Amizade 1

I love how the sun rays kissed Elizabeth’s Friendship Garden quilt because true friendships brings warmth and light into our lives!  Click here to read more about Elizabeth’s Friendship Garden.

And to close out this week, please allow me to say thank you again for YOUR friendship!  Have a great weekend.  I shall catch up with you next week — I would probably be half dead from trying to check everything off my list, but I promise I will check in! :)  Hugs to you all.


Click here to see other readers’ projects.


10 thoughts on “My design, your quilt: Color Burst

  1. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth’s quilt. I love the bright colors! It looks so modern to me, which is funny, since it’s based on an antique pattern.

  2. I adore this quilt. Like QuiltShopGal, it is on my bucket list!! It is a beauty both in the brighter as well as the more subdued. Beautiful quilts, both Elizabeth and Wendy!!

  3. looks like a fun quilt and not too big. I, personally am done with large quilts, as least for now.
    I just went through about 300+ magazines and removed anything I thought I’d like to make. , there are a couple bed size among them. Now I have room for more fabric, I categorized the projects and put them in plastic sleeves, All I have to do now is finish a few UFO’s and I’ll REALLY feel good! You constantly amaze me do you ever sleep?
    Be good to Wendy . . . .

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