Incredibly blessed…

Hello Friends, I am currently out of town doing some work related stuff.  More details to follow. It’s been a grueling day, but I feel incredibly blessed.


So, I was in the middle of presenting something, the machine that I was using started acting up just a little bit.  It was showing just a tad bit of “attitude”, but enough that I couldn’t quite go on with what I was supposed to do.  The machine is a little like mine, but not quite.  So, I wasn’t quite sure where to go in the settings to take care of the problem.  I was given the manual — ha — I am a manual person, mind you…. but not right at that moment!

THEN — I called my sewing mother ship Rogers Sewing Center in Arkansas right in the middle of the rather tensed moment when I needed that machine to behave, and Dan the owner was able to walk me through the settings screen and solved my problem in less than 5 seconds! Seriously… where would I be without the incredible support I have in my friends?!  Dan and Rhonda of Rogers Sewing Center have been supportive of me from the very beginning, when I didn’t even quite know how to sew.  And over the years even after I moved away, they still love and support me as they did before… thank you again, Dan and Rhonda!

If you live in Arkansas or close by, you need to go by and meet Dan and Rhonda of Rogers Sewing Center.  If you aren’t able to do so, check out their website here to see the events they have going on, and perhaps you might be able to make a special trip to attend one of their events.

Alrightie, Friends… it’s only 6:30pm, but I think I am ready to call it a night and go to bed.  I hear some of you gasping out there (haha!), but you heard read it right.  I am totally worn out, and I am going to bed, with a smile — because I know my sweet friends have me covered!  Such is a day in my life – though a rather abnormal day compared to the usuals.  I shall check in with you again tomorrow. Take care!


19 thoughts on “Incredibly blessed…

  1. Rogers Sewing Center is also my “home” store & Dan & Rhonda are two of the most helpful people in the world!! Everyone who sews should have a resource to go to like them. Kudos to Dan & Rhonda & Wendy :)!!

  2. it is always our pleasure to help you! We love you and admire your dedication, determination, and devotion to the craft of sewing. We are so happy to have been with you from the beginning and as I’ve always said, Wendy, you are our claim to fame!!! Thanks for allowing us to take this journey with you!! Rhonda and Dan

  3. It would have been awesome to stop there on my/our way through last week but it wasn’t “in the cards”. Such shops and friends are truly treasures and heaven sent!!!! Hugs………

  4. So, you call it “attitude”? Hmmm….. that’s not the word I choose when I have similar problems. Good to have great service and great friends.

  5. Isn’t it great to have such great customer service? I will drive my machine extra miles to have it serviced by a dealer who really cares. Love the quilting and am sooooo glad to hear you are getting some rest!!

  6. I am also incredibly blessed by Dan and Rhonda. I live in Rogers, Arkansas so I get by there every week, go to Bernina Club, Lunch & Learn and any special classes they are giving and the events are always wonderful. In fact I am going to a class this a.m. Dan and Rhonda are like family. Sometimes I see them more than I see my family. Wendy you are a blessinga as well .Can’t wait to sew with you in April!!!!!

  7. Wendy, I am joyful you have such wonderful friends. You deserve them. You are a blessing and inspiration to your friends and I feel lucky to be called a friend by you. Blessings and Happiness always! Hugs.

  8. So aggravating when machinery does that kind of thing at just the wrong moment – so glad Dan and Rhonda were able to help so quickly. I’m glad you’re able to get to bed early for once. :-)

  9. Friends like Dan & Rhonda are a true blessing. I miss them and Rogers Sewing Center so much. And you too of course!! I so wish I could be there in April to see you. I tried to figure out a way to make it happen but it isn’t going to work out. Maybe next time. Take care sweet friend!

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