Fabric preview: Pat Sloan’s The Sweet Life

Hello Friends!  I hope you are well.  I finished this quilt right after Christmas 2014, using Pat Sloan‘s The Sweet Life fabrics!  These very bright, cheerful and happy (and very Pat Sloan-ish) fabrics were a joy to work with.  You should be seeing them at your local quilt shops not too long from now.


And I am getting to play even more with these precuts from the same fabric line.  Life is sweet… even if I have had to hang out at Germ-ville the last few days.


What caught my eye on one of the fabric swatches is the “needs cake” part!  The cake part struck a a very sweet chord with me.  You see, growing up in Asia, my parents would allow us to have cake for breakfast whenever there’s cake in the house!  So, cake = all goodness!  I have done the same thing with Miss Baby at our house, not knowing having cake for breakfast might be a bit off-putting for some Americans.  Miss Baby unwittingly told someone she had cake for breakfast one day, only to be met with a few stares directed at her mother.  They must have thought I was the most indulgent (at best) parent in the world.  Nonetheless, cake will probably always be allowed for breakfast in our family, and maybe one day, Miss Baby’s family.  It’s funny how we pass down things within the family, albeit a bit idiosyncratic sometimes. :)


Cake allowed or not at breakfasts aside, you have got to check out Pat Sloan’s upcoming line! Click here to view all the fabrics to start planning your next quilt.  This line also has a batik version.  Click here to view.

Thanks for stopping by, Friends!  Now, if you have any “cake for breakfasts” type practices in your family, would you mind sharing?

23 thoughts on “Fabric preview: Pat Sloan’s The Sweet Life

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Cake is very good for breakfast. Especially if it has been in the fridge all night. It tastes so good when it is cool and firm with that icing just like candy!
    I love these fabrics, the first set is really perky

  2. Not a “tradition” but I know when the boy grew up and moved out, I felt free to raid the cookie jar at whatever time of day the “urge” hit!!!! I do know that bread pudding is my absolute fave for breakfast (especially if I have a vanilla sauce to top it……yum!). “Cake” covers the food groups, doesn’t it??????

  3. Would you believe that’s the first thing that caught my eye as well when I first saw this collection? But for me it’s because my daughter is a cake artist and I thought how cool it would be if I bought this piece and made something for her. And on the subject of cake for breakfast? Of course that is perfectly acceptable! Always has been, in my book. As well as pie, strawberry shortcake, etc. etc. . . . as long as it’s accompanied by a tall glass of milk :)

  4. Don’t worry about the “faces” that other parents make. They are jealous that they didn’t have cake for breakfast (and I’m sure if there was some in the house, they would have eaten It themselves, and given their kids cereal). I often make cupcakes, and enjoy them any time of the day, and yes, sometimes for breakfast. Your daughter knows you love her, and a little indulgence is always a good thing. So, “Let them eat cake!” I do hope your “germies” are feeling better soon. Hugs!

  5. Cake once in a while for breakfast – of course! And Kathleen nailed it…cake, shortcake, pie, cookies. All great ” now and then” breakfast foods. We also sometimes do what we fondly call “breakfast for supper” which consists of having pancakes or eggs, bacon, and toast. The kids always liked that, too. :)

  6. Soooooooo, I’m not the only one that thinks pie for breakfast is a yummy idea? Now that I’m an adult on my own, there’s no one around to slap my hands if I have a sweet treat for breakfast.

  7. I love this line. I’m working on the BOM with Pat Sloan that just started this month. Its the “One for You One for Me” fabric collection. I just finished gathering my fabrics for this quilt. Its a delicious colorful collection of fabrics. I am excited to see this come together.

    I know I’m going to want to get this new collection as well. Cake for breakfast….. sounds yummy.

  8. Looks like a cheerful, fun, and very “Springy” kind of quilt.

    I have fond memories of my Dad thinking that pie was the very best kind of breakfast. My own children still remember having a plate full of Christmas cookies in lieu of dinner. (When Christmas was past.) When my kids were grown, and my husband was out of town, my favorite dinner was a huge bowl of popcorn. Some fun days.

    Hopefully the “germies” are disappearing.

  9. That is very sweet… No pun intended!!! Your cake for breakfast is not much different than pancakes, Waffles or muffins!!! I appreciate that you have precious memories you can pass on!!
    Sometimes my Mom would not have prepared a meal for dinner and she would make pancakes and give us a scoop of ice cream on top… It was fun, and we didn’t die!!!
    Good for you!!!! God Bless!!

  10. Really like the batik version of this line, but then, I really, really like batiks. As far as cake for breakfast, why not? My adult daughter and I both ate Jesus’ birthday cake for breakfast after Christmas.

  11. When growing up, sometimes my Mum would make a loaf type of cake (pound cake, banana nut bread, orange cranberry bread) and the next day we would slice it and pop the slices in the toaster, then slather with butter and eat for breakfast! Has to be a fairly dense cake to stay together though and not crumble.

  12. Cake for breakfast is the BEST! My mom would bake a cake on Sunday, then on Monday, we would finish it off at breakfast! To this day, I love cake for breakfast, have even been known to indulge as an adult. haha!

  13. Nothing wrong with cake for breakfast. I ate Christmas cake this morning! Well its fruit and nuts – a bit like muesli!!! With a milky coffee it was gorgeous. Going to have the same for lunch!

  14. Hi Wendy! I’m not from Asia and we eat cake anytime of the day, morning included, if it is in the house, and especially if it’s my Buttermilk Chocolate Cake recipe. (What isn’t good if it includes buttermilk?) Keep the tradition! I’m sure Miss Baby would agree!

  15. Growing up, cake was for special occasions as we didn’t have access to that many eggs and the sugar, etc for the frosting. . .BUT, we did have a lot of pie and any time there was pie. . .it was best at breakfast!!!!

  16. I wonder if those parents who shot you those looks ever served a danish for breakfast, or a pop tart, lol! Love that fabric line. Really looks fresh and springy!

  17. If you can find it, Bill Cosby had a “cake for breakfast” routine in the 1960s that was hysterical: “Wheat! Eggs! Milk!” At our house, however, it was leftover pizza!

  18. I don’t know about cake for breakfast-but the day after we were married my sisters ate up the leftover homemade ice- cream for their breakfast-I heard about it later when we returned form honeymoon!

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