2014 Recap Part 6: Quilting Treasures

Hello Friends – I wanted to be finished with my recaps before next Monday!  So, here I am.  I was told that some of you weren’t able to leave comments on my post yesterday.  I do apologize, but I can’t figure out what the problem was for the life of me.  I am hoping whatever it was, it “fixed itself”, and you will be able leave comments without any problems.

Another company that I had the pleasure (absolute pleasure!) working with in 2014 was Quilting Treasures.  You will probably know Quilting Treasures from their novelty themed fabrics, and you would be right.

I designed a 2014 BOM quilt Plain & Fancy for Quilting Treasures.  I started the quilt myself, but I fell woefully behind due to time constraint.   I would love to hear from you if you are working on the quilt!

BOM_Alternate_High Res

BOM_Applique_High Res

Then, I used the same fabrics in Plain & Fancy to make my Calico Trail quilt for my book Recreating Antique Quilts.

flat shots COB copy

Blog -ThreeQuilts

Teething Rings was featured in Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts (Summer 2014).  The pattern is also a “Quilts for Kids” pattern.


Test are mainly free to use designs to showcase and feature various Quilting Treasures fabric lines:

January: Petals & Matrix 5 Coloways – be sure to click on the quilt names to see all the 5 colorways!

Design 1c_51 x 57_High Res

February: Verde Quilt 

High Res_Verde Quilt

February: Verde Runner

Verde Runner_high res_22 x 50

March: Hot Topic

High Res_Hot Topic quilt with binding
April: Fun with Frosty Quilt & Runner

High Res_Quilt

High Res_Runner

April: First Thanksgiving Wallhanging, Runner & Placemat

High Res_Wallhanging

High Res_Runner

High Res_Placemat

June: Monster Mash

High Res_Boy Quilt

High Res_Girl Quilt

June: Learning is Fun

Final Image_high res

August: Hot Little Dish Wallhanging/Table Topper & Runner & Placemat

high res_wallhanging

high res_placemat1_23485Shigh res_placemat2

high res_runner

October: Expressions of Faith Sofa Quilt

High Res_sofa quilt_58 x 72

October: Expressions of Faith Runner

High Res_runner_45.25 x 20.5

October: Expressions of Faith Infant Boy & Girl Quilts

High Res_Infant Boy_36.5 x 36.5

High Res_Infant Girl_36.5 x 36.5

With those quilts, we are finished with our 2014 recaps.  I highlighted all my 2014 projects as a way to thank my readers for their encouragement and support throughout the year!  You wouldn’t believe how often what you wrote in your comments/emails this past year was exactly what I needed at that point in time.  Being a stay/work at home Mom and wife, I do not feel isolated because of YOU! So thank you, again!

I also wanted to highlight the professionalism exemplified by the people with whom I work! Trust me, I am not the only one working lots — these ladies in the quilting industry work lots too!  I have forged many strong relationships with the people with whom I work, and I have learned a lot from them.

I like that the quilting world is truly a community.  Quilters have supported livelihood of different families by purchasing books, fabrics, books, and notions etc.  I, for one, am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to work at home in order to raise Miss Baby in her formative years.   So in this new year, beyond continuing to support financially those who work in the quilting industry, perhaps we could all be mindful to drop a kind word of encouragement and gratitude to:

Quilt magazine editors, Quilt guild leaders, Quilt shop owners, Quilt designers, Fabric designers, Fabric company representatives, Quilting teachers, Quilting friends, and…. often the unsung heroes… Pattern proof readers and sewing machine technicians!

Here’s to a happy and exciting 2015 for us all!


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9 thoughts on “2014 Recap Part 6: Quilting Treasures

  1. I am working on the plain & fancy quilt! I have about four blocks done, but haven’t had the time to work on the other blocks! I been having trouble with getting the finish size right, not sure what I am doing wrong! The center measures out right but aftter that not comes out smaller then the size! Love the quilt and fabric you used on the quilt! Any help would be great!

  2. I absolutely adore Calico Trails. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it in the book. I WILL get round to making it one day, just as soon as I have finished the other 3 or 4 projects that I have got started!!!!

  3. The computer “problem” seems to have “ironed” itself out. Happy Day.

    Love the post, love your quilts. I have my favorites among your quilts, but all of your quilts seem to convey a similar message: happiness, colorful, I (meaning you) love what you do , always full of inspiration. I know that you continue to be busy, but somehow I think that you thrive on being busy. Thanks for what you do, you are a joy for all of us who follow your blog. Looking for to continued inspiration in 2015.

    Plain and Fancy, and Calico Trail are among two of my favorites. I adore the fabrics……maybe I will have a few scraps left over from P&F for CT.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. There were a couple of “new to me” projects here. How did I miss them this year? I must agree with you that the quilting world is full of wonderful people eager to help and offer advice. Blogging has opened it up for me and I am so gratefl for all of the people I have met along the way. I’m looking forward to following your work in 2015.

  5. I think my favorites are the graphic quilts like teething rings and tic tac toe. I just love a graphic quality and bright pops of color.

    Speaking of which, I featured you on my blog. Apparently one of the other readers has bought your book, too! :-)



  6. Love the “Verde Quilt”!!! Very different style but something that is just calling my name!!! So many enticements, so little time/energy (but a stash that would support these ideas!!! Yippee!).

  7. I have the plain and fancy middle finished and am working on the border, trying to make it a tad larger. Loved putting all the parts together.

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