2014 Recap Part 4: Miscellaneous

Hello Friends, we are moving right along with our 2014 recap posts.  A couple more posts, and I will be moving right along into 2015.  I will be sharing in today’s post features that happened in 2014 here and there…  You will notice it is rather “starry” in most of the quilts.

1.  Stardom in Annie’s Row Quilts book


2.  Solar Star in Annie’s Dazzling Diamond Quilts book


3.  Urban Oasis in Quilter’s World (Spring 2014)


4.  Starry Repetitions in Quilter’s World (Summer 2014)


5.  Enchanted Forest in Quilt Trends (Winter 2014)


6.  Urban Stars in Quilt Trends (Winter 2014)


7.  Nature Walk in American Patchwork & Quilting Calendar 2014 (Cover Quilt)


I remember where I was in life as I look back on these quilts!  I strangely also remember the stress levels too in completing the respective quilts.  A couple of those had to be done in a lickity split timeline, and they were just a tad stressful, ha!  But I also remember being thankful to God thereafter for His help in my hour of need.  Indeed, every quilt you see has a story to tell!

So, which is your favorite from this group?  Thanks for stopping by.  I have batches of cookies to bake while I work on writing more pattern instructions.  So, I shall bid you good bye for you till next time!


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4 thoughts on “2014 Recap Part 4: Miscellaneous

  1. Ooh, I like them all, they are each unique in their own way. It is amazing what shines through when I enlarge each of the photos on my iPad. I especially like Starry Repetitions and Nature Walk though.

    You’ve tantalized my taste buds……..are the cookies done yet?

  2. did you show a quilt called scrappy stars a few days ago? I saved it to favorites but it doesn’t come up. If so will you send picture. Thank you.Sylvia

  3. There are so many of my favorites popping up on these posts, Wendy. There were several on today’s post, but I was not able to leave a comment.

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