2014 Recap Part 3: The Quilter

Hello Friends, thank you for stopping by again.  It’s always lovely to have you visit!  2014 was certainly an exciting and happening year at the Ivory Spring household.  Yet, it also meant a rather sad one for me… because a publication that frequently featured my designs was longer as of August 2014.  You see, the reason The Quilter was so special to me is that it was the magazine that featured many of my early designs.  You can see the exhaustive list here.  A very special issue for me was their May 2009 issue where it made mention of the birth of Miss Baby.  Miss Baby is turning 6 this year — how time has flown by!

I was happy that I was able to contribute to The Quilter right up till the very end of the publication in 2014.

1.  Farm Crossing (December 2013/January 2014)


2.  Boxing Day (December 2013/January 2014)


3.  Tulip Trail (April/May 2014)


4.  All Squared Up (April/May 2014)


5.  Garden View (June/July 2014)


6.  Song of Praise (August/September 2014)


So, might you have a favorite among my featured projects in The Quilter?  Also, if you are a former subscriber of The Quilter — are you experiencing withdrawal?

I cannot leave today without mentioning the former editor of The Quilter, Laurette Koserowski. I credit Laurette for mentoring me on the design aspect of quilting, from the best use of fabrics to writing pattern instructions.  Over the years, she grew to be more than just an editor to me.  She became a mentor, a dear and sweet friend who always had a minute to chat about things that are not about the magazine quilts. She always had time to share snippets of her life experiences with me, and asked how my little family was doing etc.  Laurette and I remain in touch even though we no long work with each other, and I count her a sweet blessing in my life.


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9 thoughts on “2014 Recap Part 3: The Quilter

  1. So much fun to see your recap of “The Quilter” quilts. It was always one of my favorite quilt magazines. From this grouping, I’m am very fond of Farm Crossing and Song of Praise. Love the bit of trivia regarding Miss Baby. You are one very dedicated lady. If the magazine and fabric companies only knew how faithful you really are……… Happy that The Quilter saga has somewhat of a peaceful ending.

  2. I too miss the Quilter very much. Laurette gave me the opportunity to publish my article about the Quilters Hall of Fame. The magazine was always very exciting, the quality of the patterns was very professional and Laurette was, as you say, one of those people who would take a minute just to chat. Magazines come and go, but this one will always be missed!

  3. I’m with everyone else in missing Quilter. It was one of the best quilting magazines and I always enjoyed spotting your projects when my copy arrived in the mail. I’m glad that your friendship with Laurette has continued in spite of the magazine’s closure.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhh. From the exhaustive list, my favorite is “Sunshine in My Soul.” I’ve done three very different quilts with that design: one for a baby, one for a teen, and one for me. It is so adaptable for size, fabric placement, and creativity that I often go back to it… shall I do another?

  5. My favorite from this group is “Garden View”. I just love spinners! I miss “The Quilter” magazine also. I really looked forward to each new issue. That’s where I became aware of Wendy Shepard because of a design called “Holiday “Spinners”. I purchased the kit through the magazine and just love it. To me it’s not just a holiday quilt, but one that I like to see everyday. Thank you Wendy!

  6. That’s neat that they mentioned Miss Baby’s birth! But sad they are no longer publishing. The only issue I have is the one with Song of Praise – I do want to make that in blues, tans, and browns some day.

  7. I have to agree with Ellen–I love all the staging of the quilts for this publicastion. They all are delightful and as Ellen says–Charming.

  8. Oh my what a sweet memory Wendy — I do hope you have a few of the magazines stashed away for Miss Baby ;) She will cherish too one day. I just love the All Squared Up quilt but my favorite is Song of Praise – can’t turn away from that beautiful bird. Have a blessed week and do get some rest. Hugs, Karen

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