Hello Friends!  I hope you have been well.  I have been working, and working, on a quilt that refuses to get done. You know sometimes, there is that one quilt that just ends up being a bit problematic.  Well, my latest completed quilt was a bit like that.  I will have sneak peeks for you in a different post.

For now… I am going to share with you a new free-to-use design Sew Lovely.  How do you like the button blocks? How about the sewing machine and thread spool sashing pieces?!  For the record, Sew Lovely is one of my favorites of my designs. :)

High Res_4b_61 x 61

Sew Lovely is designed with one of my all time favorite fabric lines by Benartex, Made With Love. You can see that the quilt design is a heavy on the sewing theme due to the theme of the fabrics. :)


You may recall I had used Made With Love fabrics in the pillowcase I made for American Patchwork & Quilting’s 1 million pillowcase challenge.  Click here to read more.


I have also used the fabrics to make Miss Baby’s thread spool stitchery into a hanging pillow ornament.  Click here to read more.


Click here to view the entire Made With Love fabric range.

Click here to download Sew Lovely  pattern instructions.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have been able to squeeze in a bit of crafty/sewing fun this Christmas season. If so, what have you made?


[My free to use designs from previous years are listed under “FREE PATTERNS” on the side bar.]

2014 lineup

January: Midori’s Place using Gramercy by Benartex

January: View on Lexington using Gramercy by Benartex

January: Everything’s Coming Up Rosey using English Rosey by Benartex

February: Verde (Quilt) by Quilting Treasures

February: Verde (Banner/Runner) by Quilting Treasures

March: Hot Topic by Quilting Treasures

March: Poseidon’s Adventure using Neptune’s Dream by Benartex

March: My Cozy Sweater using Palm Springs by Benartex

March: Wild Kingdom using Sew Rousseau by Benartex

April: Fun with Frosty (Quilt & Runner) by Quilting Treasures

April: The First Thanksgiving (Quilt & Runner & Placemat) by Quilting Treasures

May: Party Poppers using Paintbox/Shadows by Benartex

May: Sprinkled Sweets using Paintbox/Shadows by Benartex

May: Dino Craze using 10,000 B.C. by Benartex

June: Monster Mash by Quilting Treasures

June: Santa’s Sleigh using Starry Night by RJR Fabrics

June: Learning is Fun by Quilting Treasures

August: Lovey Buggy using Luv Bugs by Benartex

August: Hot Little Dish (Wallhanging/Table Topper & Runner & Placemat) by Quilting Treasures

August: Sweet Hearts using Luv Bugs by Benartex

August: Pagoda Paradise using Little Harajuku by Benartex

October: At the Pond using Leap Frog by Benartex

October: Expressions of Faith (Sofa Quilt) by Quilting Treasures

October: Expressions of Faith (Tablerunner) by Quilting Treasures

October: Expressions of Faith (Infant Quilts) by Quilting Treasures

November: Sunshine using Sunny Days / Sunny Bonnet Susie by Benartex

November: Sew Lovely using Made With Love by Benartex

6 thoughts on “FREE PATTERN: Sew Lovely

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Oh this is cute! thank you thank you Wendy <3
    Now you have made my day.
    I spent 4 hours this afternoon with my mom and dad at the dentist getting mom a crown.
    Good grief. I am wiped out. We left and it was dark outside.
    I love this pattern so much. I love sewing themed fabrics and have a few in my collection box.

    Did I tell you I am gonna be a gramma? Oh gosh, yes.
    My oldest daughter surprised me on Thanksgiving with a gift wrapped frame. I was clueless – opened it and burst into tears at her sonogram of 8 weeks. The little pip is due in June!
    I hope you are having "Happy Holidays" and really, enjoying preparing for Christmas.
    I am so exhausted I am going to bed now. Tomorrow I will wake and bake for a Christmas gathering of my friends :-)

  2. Cute new pattern. I have a stash of “sewing” fabrics. When I collect a few more I will have the perfect pattern. Thank you.

    I still need to make nine Gkid monogrammed pillowcases before the big day. A holiday tradition for ten years. I better get with it!!

  3. This is such a cute quilt!! The first thing I noticed was the thread and sewing machine borders. Wouldn’t this just be a fun quilt to display in a sewing room.

    Loved seeing Miss Baby’s progress with her needlework.

  4. I love your patterns and appreciate that you post them for free use. I am having trouble printing them so that I can use them in the form that they appear in. The two pages are too large to print on one page of paper. If I shrink them to fit the page I can’t read the print and the templates are not the correct size. Would it be possible to change to a 4 page format? Thank you.

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