More quilty previews

Hello Friends – another week has come to an end.  It’s been a busy one at my end.  I woke up at around 3am on Thursday morning to make cupcakes for Miss Baby’s class – for all intents and purposes, that was my first time making cupcakes.  I have always done muffins, but not cupcakes.  I thought the cupcakes were alright, but not as “cakey” and “fluffy” as I had expected — if you have any tips for the perfect vanilla cupcakes, please share!  I am thinking perhaps use baking soda instead of baking powder as the recipe I used recommended?


I have a couple of quilty sneak peeks to share with you.  Can you tell I have enjoyed myself?



Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a fun weekend.  It will be work and more Christmas activities for me.   But I can’t complain!  I always love the Christmas season.  Hugs to you all.

20 thoughts on “More quilty previews

  1. Wendy, I used to make wedding cakes and only used Duncan Hines white cake mix. Still use only that brand for any cake or cupcakes. Been enjoying your posts too.

  2. Hey, those cupcakes look yummy. And your preview of your quilt, with amazing free-motion quilting is gorgeous. I hope you find a balance with family and work, as well as joy and creativity this weekend. But then you could probably start a series of tips for how to balance life in general. I’ve dropped a few more balls, but still trying to quilt and enjoy the start of the holiday season.


  3. Love the frosting and the sprinkles on the cupcakes. How about just using a cake mix for school cupcakes? I’m all for easy…
    Thought of you as Katie and I were at a quilting shop that sells beads and jewelery making accessories, too.

  4. You do the most beautiful quilting Wendy!! I use a yellow cake mix, Duncan Hines, for vanilla cupcakes and am happy with the results.

  5. Oh my golly, the quilting is gorgeous!!!!! You are always an inspiration!!

    As for the cupcakes, they sure look yummy. i suspect that it may be wise to use the recommended kind of powder or like other have suggested, a cake mix is always a good choice. i will check with my Granddaughter as she is the cupcake queen in our family.

    Enjoy your weekend festivities, with maybe just a touch of work.

  6. I find “made from scratch” cakes/cupcakes tend to be denser and have a course texture vs a prepackaged cake mix which tend to be lighter and fluffier. The exact opposite of what you would think. I believe this is where “cake” flour vs “all purpose” flour is truly necessary.
    Someday when you have a “SPARE”!!$$???**** moment could give a blurb on how you do “Mctavishing” . I have her books, watched her video and still can not get her rhythm, or have it look as lovely as yours!!! I particularly have trouble if I’m trying to do it around an applique. The other thing with which I really have trouble is wrapping feathers around themselves on inside curves. Thanks so much.
    Betsey Ryan

  7. Cupcakes look absolutely fine to me. I’m sure the children thought they were wonderful. I bet you daughter appreciated the effort. Not sure i would have got up a 3.00am!!!!

  8. I do cake mix cupcakes with the best results (light, etc). I remember the days when one could make “homemade” goodies for special occasions but the pub. schools changed that so many years ago. I do understand the ‘why’, I guess. Love your thread work! My current “Cardinal Quilt” is giving me the same opportunities for fun and I’m lovin’ it. I think all my client quilting is finished for this season (unless……….). Echo stitching is the best/relaxing stitching ever! The Holiday festivities begin in earnest today….local town (light lighting, parade, etc). Fun! Enjoy all with blessings and hugs………………………..

  9. Your cupcakes look delicious! I don’t have any baking tips for you…I agree with what someone else has said…that scratch baking is denser…but I love scratch baking!

    As for the quilting sneak peaks…you are such a tease Wendy! Love, love, love! I wish I could watch you quilt!

  10. Amazing quilting. For me it is such an arduous process learning to free motion machine quilt. I envy you having so much fun. I know it took a lot of hard work to get to the place you are at. Thanks for sharing it all with us. I am not the best cupcake person……

  11. I’m sure the cupcakes were a huge hit. They look so pretty. Have you tried using cake flour? I always get better results with that, but for school cupcakes it would be a store bought cake mix. The kids love those.

    Your quilting is spectacular! The McTavishing looks superb. You never cease to amaze me with your detail. Enjoy the Christmas season.

  12. I love your feathers and I see you have been McTavishing too. When my recovery period is over. I will be back in the saddle again. Keep having fun.

  13. Love that quilting. As for the cupcakes, they look great. I only use Duncan Hines mix. Easy and more time for quilting.

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